Say Anything, or Just Say Your Favorites: Favorite Words



Perhaps you are not as dorky as I, marking words in your reading that you like (or didn’t know). Before the iPhone I used to do this in my dictionary. Hello, who saw Say Anything and didn’t want to be Ione Skye’s character? Apparently she influenced me beyond wanting a boy to stand outside my window with a radio over his head, because I have an old dictionary filled with checked-off words. Now, I “favorite” them in my Dictionary app, and because it calls it favoriting, I started marking my favorites – not just the words I wasn’t familiar with.

Fellow word-nerds, let us unite. I’ll show you (some of) mine if you’ll show me yours…

  • amortize (sounds like love, but it isn’t)
  • anachronistic (because I like to correct people, an endearing quality I’m sure)
  • belletristic (because it sounds like Bellatrix and I love Helena Bonham Carter)
  • bibliophage (an ardent reader; a bookworm… what’s not to love?)
  • cicatrix (basically it means “scar”, but say it out loud – so fun, right?)
  • gasconade (I really, really wish this meant fart grenade; it does not)
  • idoneous (a smart word for a simple meaning)
  • leviathan (its meaning gives me the chills, and also makes me think of “Wingardium leviosa” – nerd alert!)
  • nefarious (sounds like what it describes – and sounds good when said emphatically to make your point)
  • obstreperous (the word is difficult for me to say – which is fitting – so it wins a spot on my list)
  • pedantry (because it sounds like “pantry” and I like food, but also because I like rules)
  • solipsism (it describes an entire generation of people in one word; so convenient)