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Suffering Sappho! Sappho of Lesbos Decor and Accessories to Collect

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Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books at the Lesbrary. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

Sappho, the original Lesbian poet! She is the namesake of not only lesbians, but sapphics in general. Truly a queer icon. While we know almost nothing about her except that she lived on Lesbos, wrote poetry, and professed love for women, her legacy has lived on for thousands of years — as she predicted: “someone in some future time will think of us.”

These days, Sappho is most well-known for her love of women. In fact, her name is synonymous with it. Wearing a shirt with Sappho on it is more likely to be seen as announcing your sexuality than appreciating an ancient Greek poet. It’s worth remembering why she rose to such levels of fame, though: her poetry resonates even now. If you aren’t already familiar, read some of Sappho’s poetry to see for yourself! Then you can move on to more lesbian poetry.

Whether you love Sappho’s poetry or just want to add some lesbian/Lesbian flair to your wardrobe and decor, these Sappho accessories will be the perfect addition. They range from art to clothing to stickers and pins, letting you bring a bit of Sappho with you everywhere you go.

Sappho art print

This Sappho art print would really tie together a reading nook. $17

Sappho and Xena art print

Combing two queer icons, this art print shows Sappho holding a Xena DVD. $8

Sweet mother I cannot weave Sappho embroidery

For another work of art celebrating Sappho, pick up this “Sweet mother, I cannot weave” embroidery — one of Sappho’s famous fragments. $38

Sappho bust lamp

There are lots of different Sappho bust options, but I love this bust lamp! It looks gorgeous lit up and off. $46

Glitched Sappho bust statue

Another different take on a classic, these “glitched” 3D printed statues are great conversation pieces. This is the glitched Sappho bust! $43

Sappho remember us sweatshirt

Wear your love of Sappho on your chest with this “Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us” sweatshirt. $20–38

Colorful Sappho bust sweatshirt

Or you can go the statue route with this colorful Sappho bust sweatshirt. $20–35

Sappho t-shirt with poem fragment

This T-shirt uses the same “remember us” poem fragment, but with a different layout. $27

Sapphic Society t-shirt

Double up on your Pride and Sappho love with this Sapphic Society T-shirt. Also available as a unisex shirt. $33

Sappho tote bag

An easy way to add a Lesbian element to any outfit is this Sappho tote bag. $24

Sappho bust earrings

Return of the Sappho bust! This time, in earrings form. $15

Sappho and violets earrings

Another take on the Sappho bust earrings, these also have violets. (One of Sappho’s fragments mentions weaving violet crowns.) $20

Sapphic Society patch

The Sapphic Society design is not just available as a T-shirt. It’s also an iron-on patch ($10) and a sticker ($5).

Mythweaver Sappho sticker

This sticker includes a fragment from Sappho in Greek and English. This mythweaver sticker will only be recognized by true Sappho fans. $2

Sappho bookmarks

If you want to incorporate Sappho into your reading life, grab one of these Sappho bookmarks! $5 each or $20 for the set

Violet enamel pin

This violet enamel pin can be a subtle nod to Sappho. $9

In Sappho We Trust enamel pin

A much more direct reference is this In Sappho We Trust enamel pin. $11

Sappho's hands enamel pins

These Sappho’s Hands enamel pins have fragments of her poetry twined around hands. $7–12

Sappho greeting cards

Share the love of the Lesbian poetess with these Sappho greeting cards! $16 for a six-pack