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50+ SAILOR MOON Enamel Pins to Add Some Sparkle to Your Life

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The Sailor Moon TV show was a staple of ’90s kids media — unless you were somehow too cool for it, in which case I have nothing to say to you. I have fond memories of it, from solemnly watching the “Sailor Moon Says” advice segments as a small child to discovering the original Japanese episodes with my partner in college (and along with it, the queer subtext and text) to finally reading the manga and enjoying the source material.

Sailor Moon is nostalgic for those of us who grew up with it, but it’s also an enduring franchise. Sailor Moon Crystal returned to the manga for a new, more faithful adaptation, and the final installment (a two part movie called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie) was released just this year. That’s 30 years of Sailor Moon since the character first appeared, in a serialized manga format in 1991!

Sailor Moon is also an influential series that helped boost the Magical Girls genre, something we still see played with and subverted today, from manga to western comics and even YA (see: Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl). There’s one other element to Sailor Moon’s appeal, though: it’s very pretty. The cutesy aesthetic is perfectly suited to endless merch and fan art. So it’s not surprising that Etsy is bursting at the seams with Sailor Moon apparel of every kind. I decided to focus on pins for this post, but this is only a small selection. There are hundreds of Sailor Moon enamel pins to choose from, and these are only a few of my personal favorites. Okay, so “a few” turned into more than 50, but don’t worry: I also included some pin boards at the end to display your new acquisitions.

Sailor Moon Enamel Pins Featuring Usagi/Serena

Sailor Moon eating pizza pin

Usagi/Serena (depending on whether you’re going with the Japanese or the English dub) is truly a #relatable hero. One of her defining characteristics is eating a lot, and that’s on display in this enamel pin of her eating pizza! $9

Eternal Sailor Moon eating cake enamel pin

Or you can go with Eternal Sailor Moon eating cake! $15

Sailor Moon cry baby wooden pin

Okay, this is actually a wooden pin, but it is too adorable to skip. Another Usagi habit is crying at the drop of a hat. I love her. If you have those days, maybe you want a Sailor Moon cry baby pin. $8

Sailor Moon heart eyes enamel pin

Usagi also loves love, and she’ll get heart eyes for any cute person she sees (guys, girls, nonbinary people: she’s a canonically bisexual queen). If you’re also a romantic, grab this Sailor Moon heart eyes enamel pin. $12

Dreamy Sailor Moon enamel pin

When she’s not eating, crying, or swooning, Usagi is usually sleeping. Here’s an adorable sleepy Sailor Moon pin! There’s also a Chibiusa/Rini (Sailor Mini Moon) version. $13

Wooden Sailor Moon pin with ribbon

Another wooden pin! I couldn’t resist this one because it combines a sweet illustration with a real ribbon! $9

Moon Power Sailor Moon transformation pin

Of course, Usagi isn’t just the relatable 14-year-old who is always late for school. She’s also the hero Sailor Moon with the fate of the universe on her shoulders. This pin shows her magical girl transformation. $23

Sailor Moon transformation enamel pin

Another pin that shows Sailor Moon mid-transformation! I love seeing Sailor Moon drawn in different styles! $10

Sailor Moon and Luna with butterflies pin

This pin with Usagi, Luna, and some butterflies on a crescent moon is adorable and sparkly. What more could you want? $15

Chibi Sailor Moon and Luna enamel pin

A chibi Usagi, accompanied by a chibi Luna, too! $10

Sailor Moon Wands Enamel Pins

Fight like a girl sailor moon wand pin

Of course, a pin with Sailor Moon on it isn’t the only way to show your love for the franchise. The Moon Wands are another easily recognizable symbol of your fandom, and there are lots of different takes on them. This “Fight like a girl” Moon Wand pin channels magical girl power. $6

Sailor Moon Croissant wand enamel pin

I think Usagi would approve of this croissant wand enamel pin! $11

Certified magical girls moon wand pins

These Moon Wand pins act as proof of your certified magical girl status. $12

Ace of Wands Sailor Moon pin

This pin doubles as a tarot pin and a Sailor Moon accessory! $12

Magical girl dice wand enamel pin

If you like playing Dungeons and Dragons, double up on your nerdy pride with this magical girl dice wand pin! $6-12

Inner Sailor Senshi/Scouts Pins

Crystal Sailor Scout enamel pin set

This set has a crystal for each of the Sailor Scouts (Inner and Outer Senshi). $12 each or $117 for the set

Sailor Scouts crystal pins

Another version of Sailor Guardians crystal pins! You can get the Inner Senshi set (Venus, Mars, Mercury, & Jupiter) or the Outer Senshi set (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto). $50–52

Sailor Moon Scout witches pins

You can also get any of the Sailor Senshi as pastel witches! $9 each

Ami sailor moon burger pin

Add some early ’90s vibes with this pin of a candid shot of Ami/Amy eating a burger. $10

Sailor Mercury enamel pin

Or you can get a pin of her in Sailor Mercury form! $11

Annoyed Sailor Mars pin

Nothing communicates Rei’s personality more than an annoyed expression. $11

Sailor Mars enamel pin

Though most of the art on this list is reminiscent of the anime, this intricate Sailor Mars pin imitates the original manga art. You can also get all the other Senshi in this style! $13

Sailor V enamel pin

Sailor Venus is an interesting character, because she is a part of the team, but she’s also the proto–Sailor Moon (Sailor V predates the Sailor Moon manga). This pin has her signature Sailor V look. $14

Sailor Venus crescent beam pin

This pin captures Sailor Venus in her power pose during her crescent beam attack! $10

Sailor Jupiter enamel pin

This adorable Sailor Jupiter pin shows a chibi version of her striking a pose. You can also get any of the other Inner Senshi in this style. $15

Sailor Jupiter with flowers enamel pin

You can get any of the Inner Senshi in this flower style! This one is for fans of Sailor Jupiter. $20

Outer Sailor Senshi Pins

Harumichi Sailor Moon pin

As a queer Sailor Moon fan who grew up watching the anime as a kid, I have a soft spot for Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune). This Harumichi Teatime pin is adorable. $12–55

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus kiss pin

This is a Valentine/Anti-Valentine pin set. You can get a pin of Haruka and Michiru kissing — or you can get a Wicked Lady pin reading “I despise all of you,” depending on your current opinion of romance. $12–16

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune pins

Or you can get Haruka and Michiru separately. Here is the Sailor Uranus listing and the Sailor Neptune listing. $12

Sailor Saturn wearing a bandana pin

This series of Sailor Scouts wearing bandanas over their faces is meant to reimagine them as part of a motorcycle gang, but in these times, they just seem COVID-conscious. Here is the Sailor Saturn version, but you can get every character in this style. $13

Sailor Pluto tamagotchi enamel pin

Speaking of ’90s nostalgia, this series of pins has each Sailor Guardian as a tamagotchi-style pet! This is the Sailor Pluto pin, but you can get any character. $14

Seiya Sailor Moon enamel pin

Ah, the Sailor Star Fighters: the forgotten Senshi. You can still get pins of Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten, though! $13

Other Sailor Moon Characters Pins

Chibi Moon and Helios enamel pin

One of the most recognizable characters of the show other than Sailor Moon is Chibiusa (Rini). Here she is in Sailor Chibi Moon form! You can also get the much less well-known character of Helios (the human form of Pegasus). $13

Chibi Kousagi Bunny enamel pin

Only the most hardcore Sailor Moon fans will recognize Chibi Kousagi, Chibusa’s little sister from an alternate universe from the story “Parallel Sailor Moon.” Either way, this Kousagi pin sure is cute! $12

tuxedo mask with sailor mars and sailor moon enamel pin

It wouldn’t be a Sailor Moon post without Tuxedo Mask! This pin spotlights his heartthrob status. $12

Tuxedo Mask enamel pin

You can get an outline/cut-out style pin of all the Senshi, but you can also get a classy Tuxedo Mask enamel pin. $12–13

Sailor Galaxia Magical Mushroom enamel pin

I included this Sailor Galaxia pin because this isn’t a character you see a lot, but you can get almost any Sailor Moon character in this mushroom style, including Luna! $12

Luna & Artemis Pins

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus with Artemis and Luna pins

Get a pin of Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon cuddling their cats, Artemis and Luna! I will admit that I probably included too many Luna pins, but who can resist? You can also get a pin of Wicked Lady cuddling the Luna-P toy. $13

Luna-bot pin

Like the wands, I think this Luna-P/Luna-bot pin is a great nod to fans while looking like fun enamel pin designs even to people outside of the fandom. $6

Luna from Sailor Moon wooden pin

I think wooden pins are gorgeous, so I couldn’t resist including this wooden Luna pin. $11

Luna expression Sailor Moon filler pins

If you want to fill out your Sailor Moon-themed collection, get these Luna expressions mini filler pins! $6.50 each or $36.50 for the set

Human Luna Sailor Moon enamel pin

You can also get a Luna in human form enamel pin! $12

Artemis Sailor Moon cat enamel pin

Although Luna gets more attention, she isn’t the only cat character in Sailor Moon. There’s also Artemis, Sailor Venus’s cat guardian. (And Diana, their kitten! You can get a mushroom Diana pin, but there are definitely fewer of her.) This Artemis donut pin is also available in a Luna version. $10 each or $20 for the set

Luna and Artemis Sailor Moon enamel pin set

This simple pin set is too cute to skip. Get these Artemis and Luna pins so they can gaze happily at each other. $17

Luna and Artemis Sailor Moon pins

These Artemis and Luna pins come with a Tuxedo Mask–style mask for Artemis and a Sailor Moon–style accessories for Luna! $10 each or $20 for the set

Luna and Artemis attack cats Sailor Moon pins

Artemis and Luna look cute, but they’re also magical beings with wisdom and power. These attack cat pins showcase their fierceness. $7 each or $12 for both

Sailor Moon cats enamel pin

Or you can get a pin with the whole kitty family in the manga style of art! $13–16

Sailor Moon Crossovers Enamel Pins

Sailor Moon babe with the power pin

The perfect pin for fans of both Labyrinth and Sailor Moon. $10

Sailor Pikamoon Pokemon and Sailor Moon enamel pin

If you’re a Sailor Moon and Pokemon fan, you’ve got some options! You can get this Pikamoon pin, but there are also Jupasaur, Venuspuff, and Sailor Chars pins. Or you go simple with a Sailor Moonball pin. $16

Magical goose Sailor Moon pins

Sure, you can be a magical girl, but why would you when you could be a magical goose! If you loved Untitled Goose Game, grab one of these magical geese pins. $11

Sailor Moon yelling at cats pins

This is a crossover with a meme…? Okay, I’m ending this pin list on a weird note. Your choice of Sailor Moon yelling at Luna or Artemis! $10 each or $19 for the set

Sailor Moon Pin Boards

Sailor Moon pin board with wooden display

If you’re overflowing with Sailor Moon enamel pins now, show them off on this crescent moon pin board! $64

Luna Sailor Moon pin board with wooden display

Or you can keep them on a Luna-shaped wooden pin board! $64

Heart brooch pin board with wooden display

One last option: a wooden pin board in the shape of Sailor Moon’s heart brooch. $64

Well, did you escape from this post with any money left? This only scratches the surface of the Sailor Moon pins available. If you’re still in the mood for nerdery, check out our Sailor Moon archives.