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29 Adorable Bookish Rubber Stamps for Book Lovers Everywhere

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If you’ve been writing more letters lately to help support the United States Postal Service, you’re not alone. The USPS is an invaluable resource for everyone, including book lovers, so it makes sense that you’d want to take advantage of all its services to help keep it afloat. I’ve been an avid letter writer for as long as I can remember, but only within the last few years did I start trying to jazz things up a bit. As usual, Pinterest overwhelmed me with ideas that seemed a bit beyond my simple paper-folding abilities, but I soon realized I could make my letters a little more personal and fun with rubber stamps. Fortunately, there are loads of bookish rubber stamps out there. By adding to your collection of bookish rubber stamps, you can support small business as well as the USPS, since many Etsy shops use the USPS to ship their goods. Even better, you can declare your love of books to the recipients of your letters with a well-placed and charming illustration with the help of bookish rubber stamps.

For full disclosure, while the majority of stamps listed are the typical rubber stamp, you’ll also find some made of other materials such as silicon. If this is important to you, please be sure to read the linked listing carefully.

Find one that speaks to you below.

Rubber Stamps for Book Lovers

Try this compact and adorable Mini Rubber Bookish by PlannerMe, $3.71+

If you love books and rodents, this one is for you: Cling Stack of Books by OreliusThings, $9

What you really need is an assortment of designs: Assorted Bookish Rubber Stamp by MayMayStationery, $5.79

Alternatively, snag this cute, minimalist, statement stamp: Stack of Books by SniggleSloth, $2.99+

If it’s gothy Crow Reading a Book by DragonFlyBuzz, $6.70+

You can’t go wrong with this classic design: Stack of Books by OldIslandStamps, $11.00

In the words of Hamilton, show me how to say no to this perfectly aesthetic Propped Open Book by BeeswaxRubberStamps, $5.50+

Cancel all my plans, I’m busy buying Books by ElfPlanner, $4.71+

There has never been a more perfect marriage than Cat and Books by SniggleSloth, $5.99+

If you want something with a more vintage feel, this design is for you: Vintage Books by MountainsideCrafts, $7.70

Ink this one up to share some sage advice: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover by MountainsideCrafts, $7.70

When it comes to my love of stamps, I’m an Open Book by BeeMountainStamps, $9.90+

Simple perfection in this stamp: Books Group by ElfPlanner, $4.71+

If your usual state is a little scatter-brained, you might identify with Scattered Books by BeeswaxRubberStamps, $5.50+

Big love for little libraries? Consider Tiny Little Library by RubberHedgehog, $10.00

Share your love of books with Book Lover Saying by YorksLittleArtStudio, $6.50

This design really captures the bookish aesthetic: Books on Desk by Standard Stamp, $17.50

Show the Bard himself some love with this Shakespeare Framed by PinkFlamingo61, $3.60+

I really love the simplicity of Book Stamp by Packagery, $11.95+

Do I have to spell it out? You need Dictionary Page by DesertStampsShop, $6.60+

Looking for variety? This stamp set has you covered: Book Lover Reading Stamp Set by MisoPaper, $8.32

I don’t know about you, but I get major “Sleepy Hollow” vibes from Books Rubber Art Stamp by NBRubberStamps, $9.25

Get creepy with Skull Candle Holder on Books by CherryPieArtStamps2, $7.00

It’s so cute! How can you resist? Little Book Mini Stamp by MayMayStationery, $2.51

For all my dog people: Dog Library by RubberHedgehog, $16.00

If this isn’t Instagram-ready, I don’t know what is: Holding Books by WaWaStationery, $6.99

Make all your feels about books and reading known with Reading Silicone Stamp by GratitudeNotebook, $4.99

I’m no quack, this is really quite ducky! Stack of Books with Duck by EverydaySupply, $5.00

And for all the library lovers out there: Library Return Card by DesertStampsShop, $9.00+

Looking for “ex libris” stamps? Find them at this list: 10 Beautiful “From the Library of” Stamps for Your Home Book Collection.