Oh, They Were Roommates! A List of Roommate Romances

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Once upon a time I used to write romance novels. And by once upon a time, I mean back in middle school when I first started reading romance novels. I’m certain I’ve shared this before but that background is important here. The first one I wrote was a roommates one. It was about a college-bound girl who ended up in a boy’s dormitory due to a typo. And of course romance ensued. 

I know, it’s a great premise, right? Tragically, I have no idea where this book is now. And of course there is more than a little bit of sarcasm there because I’m sure it was terrible. To be fair, I wrote it on a Brother Word Processor, saved to a floppy. Both of those pieces of technology have since gone the way of the dodo. I don’t think even the friend who was my beta reader at the time still has it. But the point is that the roommate setup is something that has always been a trope for me. There is just something about that situation that is ripe for romance. 

Part of that is likely due to getting to know someone else’s personal habits firsthand. This is a hard learning curve for some newlyweds who didn’t live together prior to marriage. Knowing your partner’s little quirks can be tiresome no matter how much you love them. For example, mine has a bad habit of leaving cans, cups, and bottles everywhere. And he hates how I sometimes leave my shoes in the middle of the entryway.

Another thing is the close proximity factor. This set-up allows for previously ignored feelings to develop and grow. You can start looking at someone in an attractive new light. Or strangers may find their one true love.

Whatever the case, these are still delightful romances to read. Here are a few to add to your TBR pile, if you’re one who also looks this type of set-up.

Cover of The Roommate Risk

The Roommate Risk by Talia Hibbert

Jasmine and Rahul have been lifelong best friends with almost no romantic entanglements. This is because Jas doesn’t believe in love, whereas Rahul is a romantic. When a plumbing disaster at Jas’s apartment lead the two to temporarily become roommates, though, neither can continue to ignore the attraction that they both have been ignoring for the last seven years. Will Rahul be willing to risk the friendship and give in, or will he be able to convince Jas that love is a possibility for her?

The Roommate by Rosie Danan

Clara is a woman who has always followed the path that her family expected her to. So even she is surprised when she throws caution to the wind and moves to California to live with her lifelong crush Ethan. Imagine her surprise, though, to find that she will actually be rooming with Josh while Ethan goes on tour with his band. They both agree to live peacefully, which would have worked had she not found out that Josh was an adult movie entertainer. Once that is revealed, she finds it almost impossible to ignore the attraction that has been simmering between them.

Cover of Sharing Space

Sharing Space by Nina Perez

Between her roommate skipping out on her and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Chloe is not having a good week. When Patrick shows up on her doorstep as a roommate candidate, she isn’t sure if it is a blessing or part of her current curse. Still, not in a position to look a roommate candidate in the mouth, she agrees. As the two begin to co-exist together they find themselves attracted but aren’t sure if getting together is the best idea. This was originally published as a series of novellas but they are all now available in one collection for your reading enjoyment.

Level Up by Cathy Yardley

Tessa and Adam are co-workers at a video game company and happen to be roommates. When Tessa asks for his help to build a video game as a side project in three weeks, he agrees. The extra time together allows the roommates to start looking at each other through different eyes. But they’re both very different in how they approach their careers, as she is very driven and he is more relaxed. Will this difference end up being their undoing or will they be able to work it out and find their happily ever after?

Cover of Ex-Boyfriend Material

Ex-Boyfriend Material by Sean Ashcroft

Alex recently broke up with his boyfriend who was also his roommate. Recently transplanted Liam is new to America, having moved here after a break up with his ex-girlfriend left him distraught. The two men end up as roommates, both nursing their broken hearts in their own way. Will they continue to hold onto their methods of coping or will they be able to find a second chance at love with each other?

(Trust) Falling for You by Charish Reid

Yolanda and Sam are temporary roommates at a faculty retreat for the university they work at. They are complete opposites and neither is overjoyed with the prospect of being roommates for a weekend. However, as they spend the day team building and the nights getting to know one another, they wonder if first impressions can be mistaken after all.

Cover of Sunsets and Shades

Sunsets and Shades by Erica Lee

Kinsley is nothing like her romance author persona Laurel, because she doesn’t believe in love. Mega fan Grace is the complete opposite. So when a series of events leads the two women to becoming roommates, she is somewhat disappointed to see the women behind the curtain. As they get to know each other, and Kinsley’s harder, outer layers get stripped away, Grace begins to realize that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

After a nasty breakup with her girlfriend, lesbian dating app creator Avery is feeling like the punchline of a cruel joke from the universe. She is looking forward to being an antisocial hermit, plans that are thrown aside when she finds out about Charlie, her new soon-to-be-roommate. Charlie is a fitness trainer looking to start over in a new city but wonders if the cheap rent outweighs the melancholy that is Avery. Both women are trying to avoid their feelings, but fate has other plans.

And that is all I have for y’all today. If you have any other favorite roommate romances that didn’t make the list, let us know over on social media. For more great romance, check out 20 of the most influential romances, or even these reality show romances. Happy reading!