12 Romance Authors to Add to Your TBR List in 2020

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Natalya Muncuff

Staff Writer

Born in Florida and raised in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Natalya has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from The University of Tampa. She is currently an Account Manager at a Florida-based full-service promotional product agency. A writer since childhood, Natalya knows that good stories make for brilliant brands and is also an editor and assistant to authors and multi-passionate creatives. When she’s not working or catching up on her favorite television shows, she can usually be found with her nose in a book, perusing the shelves of her neighborhood bookstore. She is the author of All The Things I Never Said, a soul-stirring collection of short stories, prose and love letters for the soulful wanderers, the brokenhearted and the hopeless romantics. Blog: The Island Reader Twitter: @NatalyaMuncuff

As you finalize your 2020 reading lists, make sure there’s a healthy dose of romance to get you through the year. There are a few qualities I need in my romance novels to make them memorable: multi-layered, intriguing characters, a solid supporting cast, undeniable chemistry, and a love that everyone roots for. Allow me to suggest 12 romance authors that you need to make sure are you on your TBR list this year.

He-Who-Is-A-Friend-Love-Belvin-coverLove Belvin

When it comes to mesmerizing alpha males and the women who love them, no one writes them quite like Love Belvin. Her characters are flawed human beings, in many cases on a journey of self-discovery and/or spiritual awakening. Their journey to happily ever after is hard-fought and filled with more peaks and valleys than most people can imagine. The end result is always worth it, though, and we’re left with characters who experience a love for the ages.

Recommended Read: He Who Is A Friend

Nicole Falls

Nicole Falls writes novels that just make me feel good. Her novels are witty and charming and she manages to draw a laugh or two out of you even in the darker moments. There’s an ease to them that is much appreciated.

Recommended read: Last First Kiss

Christina C. Jones

Whatever you need, Christina C. Jones has it. She writes novels that thoroughly cut to the bone of her characters. Whether it’s paranormal, fantasy or suspense; CCJ will provide you with characters and love stories you’ll talk about for days. She also happened to create the best fictional town ever in Mahogany Heights.

Recommended Read: Equivalent Exchange (Night Shift)

AlTonya Washington

Fans of mystery and ever-evolving suspense intertwined with their love stories will enjoy AlTonya Washington’s work as she tells a tale of family drama and unimaginable secrets in her most popular series.

Recommended Read: The Ramseys Boxed Set

D. Rose

D. Rose is “penning love that fills the heart” with heartwarming love stories and relatable characters. Read what happens when a young lady finds herself again in performing poetry in a small town after a terrible breakup. Follow a young college student as she navigates love and life with an uber-famous musician boyfriend.

Recommended read: Because of Love

Alexandra Warren

“This is for them twentysomethings.”

-cues Beyonce’s “Schoolin Life”-

Many of Alexandra Warren’s characters are fellow twentysomethings I can relate to. They are out here living and loving and they’re the type of people you’ll feel like should be your friends once you’re done reading. Her novels are both lighthearted and passionate; intense and endearing.

Recommended Read: Wins & Losses

Grey Huffington

Grey provides novelettes and characters that sweep you off your feet immediately. While the stories may be short, the unforgettable characters are long-lasting and the love, while spontaneous, is always unique.

Recommended Read: Syx and the City

Stephanie Nicole Norris

If you are like me and are an avid fan of family sagas, Stephanie Nicole Norris is an author you will love. Whether it’s her famed Rose or Valentine Brothers series, you’ll find passionate characters (both in their personal and professional lives), intense sensuality, and a dose of instalove.

Recommended Read: No Holds Barred

D.A. Young

D.A. Young gives her readers characters with checkered pasts and hard exteriors but who are ultimately craving a happily ever after, even if they don’t initially realize it. Her novels are a great balance of passionate romance, beautiful quaint towns, and a mystery or two that keeps us intrigued.

Recommended Read: The Farmer & The Belle

Chelsea Maria

One of my favorite new(er) authors. Chelsea’s novels have something for everyone. There’s a bad boy gangsta looking for love to redeem him and his past transgressions. There is a couple who love each other immensely but are dealing with prior infidelity and too much loss that they may not be able to bear. Regardless of the storyline, there is a common theme of an intense connection and no running from the love that will set them free.

Recommended read: I Should’ve Chosen You

Alexandria House

Her novels are simply delicious; sexy, funny, and guaranteed to keep you wanting for more. Laugh out loud with her memorable characters a

Recommended Read: Let Me Love You

The One He Craves A Marie Johnson coverA. Marie Johnson

Some would say sweet love and bad boys don’t always mix but they’re the perfect combination in A. Marie Johnson’s books. Peel back the layers and read as the most hardened hearts learn the power of love.

Recommended Read: The One He Craves

Which authors will you be adding to your reading this list year?