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RIOT RECOMMENDATION: “Whip-Smart 13 Year Old Girl”

In Riot Recommendation, we take a request for a recommendation and turn it over to the Book Riot community to help them with ideas. 


Here’s this week’s request. If you have an idea, please leave a comment. If you have a Riot Recommendation request of your own, please email community (@)

I have a thirteen year old niece who loves to read, and I am looking for new books to buy for her. She has read all of the Harry Potter books and The Hunger Games and enjoyed them. I’d like to find something for her that is about being a thirteen-year-old girl in the real world, though. I read mostly non-fiction, so I don’t really know what some good choices for her are. She is whip-smart and suspicious of anything that seems like a “kids’ book.” Anything you could point me toward would be really helpful!

                                                                                            Thank You, [name withheld at writer’s request]

Alright, folks…..whatcha got?