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Riot Recommendation: What’s Your Favorite Book About Fashion?

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

This Riot Recommendation is sponsored by Material Girls by Elaine Dimopoulos.

material girlsIn Marla Klein and Ivy Wilde’s world, teens are the gatekeepers of culture. A top fashion label employs sixteen-year-old Marla to dictate hot new clothing trends, while Ivy, a teen pop star, popularizes the garments that Marla approves. Both girls are pawns in a calculated but seductive system of corporate control, and both begin to question their world’s aggressive levels of consumption. Will their new “eco-chic” trend subversively resist and overturn the industry that controls every part of their lives?

Smart, provocative, and entertaining, this thrilling page-turner for teens questions the cult like mentality of fame and fashion. Are you in or are you out?




The fashion industry is a great deal like the book industry: it’s about art and creativity and standing out, but it’s also about money and marketing and fitting in. That tension can create ruthlessness, and a level of cut-throat competition you wouldn’t expect from an art-based business- and that tension makes for excellent reading. From compulsively readable fiction (hello, The Devil Wears Prada) to insider memoirs (the memoir of Grace Coddington from Vogue comes to mind), to how-tos, we want to know: what’s your favorite book about fashion?

Leave your pick below and check back next week for a reading list!