Riot Recommendation

Riot Recommendation: What Are Your Favorite Medical Thrillers?

This Riot Recommendation of favorite medical thrillers is sponsored by Dark Pattern by Andrew Mayne.

How can he catch a killer when his own mind is playing tricks? Dr. Theo Cray had a knack for catching serial killers until a mind-altering pathogen knocked him off his game. Luckily, his former professor is helping him track down his latest suspect: a nomadic health-care worker with hundreds of victims. Cray follows each new lead, but with his own grip on reality slipping away, he knows that he’ll find what he’s hunting only if he confronts his own dark side. The Naturalist series by Andrew Mayne continues with a twisted new psychological thriller. Read Dark Pattern.

We love twisty thrillers and juicy medical dramas; combine the two and we’ve got our fall reading plans set! That’s why we want to know: what are your favorite medical thrillers? Come share your faves with us on Facebook and Twitter, then we’ll round up your answers and be back next week to share a roundup with your fellow Riot readers. We’re very excited to go on a medical thrill ride that isn’t just us looking up our symptoms on WebMD. Scary.