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Keep Your Page Safe With These Lovely Ribbon Bookmarks

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I’ve written many times how much I love a good bookmark, and more specifically a good bookmark which doesn’t harm or damage the binding or pages of a book. See: book darts and page markers. There are other options, too, of course, including ribbon bookmarks. Ribbons lie flat, so they won’t do any damage to your book while keeping track of where you are in your reading.

Ribbon bookmarks come in such a wide variety of styles, but two basic ones stand out: there are those with charms that hang outside the book and those without charms. I’ve included a wide range here, including both ribbon bookmarks with charms and charm-free ribbon bookmarks.

Treat yourself. Imagine how pretty these would look stuck inside a shelf full of books waiting to be read.

Lovely Ribbon Bookmarks To Save Your Place

This missal bookmark is going to be one for hardcover books, as opposed to paperback, as the non-ribbon portion goes between the binding and book spine. Use the ribbons to make multiple pages! $7 and up.

Secure a vintage-style bookmark featuring a skeleton key charm. $10.25.

These white satin bookmarks feature gorgeous sparkly charms. $8.30.

Snag a velvet ribbon, featuring charms at both the top and bottom. $10.

Tons of color choices for these ribbon and bead bookmarks. $8.

I’m a bit obsessed with this velvet bookmark featuring tea cup charms. $9 and you can customize a little bit, too.

Love the deep burgundy ribbon and beads on this bookmark. $21.

Love this take on the ribbon bookmark, featuring buttons on either end of the ribbon. $3.

Dragonfly! $14, with choices of the color you’d like your ribbon.

Love the colors in this leather insert bookmark. Keep tabs on more than one page with this gem. $13 and up.

Deck your bookmark with a book charm. $5.50.

Another take on the bookmark featuring a book-themed charm. $5.

For those who, like me, enjoy cats and butterflies. $16, with ribbon color options.

Digging this arrow bookmark which features an arrow for you to mark the exact line where you stopped reading. You can choose other ribbon color/design options, too. $8.50.

For all of your scary books. $7.

How cute is this fox ribbon bookmark? $7.

For the Star Wars fans out there, here’s a bookmark for you! $9 and up.

What has eight arms to hold tight to your books—or in this case, your book page? It’s an octopus bookmark. $10.

A little cactus ribbon to hold your page. $5.

Save the bees! $13.

Get your bookmark personalized with your initials. $5.50.

A different take on the ribbon bookmark is this page clip in the shape of a bird, alongside a ribbon to keep track of where you left off. $6 for a set of 6.

This yellow floral bookmark screams summertime. $8.

Choose from a number of different shapes for the copper portion of this bookmark, as well as a number of colors and patterns for the ribbon. I love the hearts and puzzle pieces. $6.50 and up.

Last, but not least, how beautiful are these colorful floral bookmarks? I can’t decide which one is my favorite. $9.