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Reboots and Re-Imaginings: 80s Character Edition



Always books. Never boring.



Always books. Never boring.

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of reboots of popular intellectual property in order to bring in a new audience or simply to refresh a dying brand. Some, such as the recent Mega Man series, the 2000s re-launch of The Immortal Iron Fist, and My Little Pony have been more successful than others (does anyone else remember the x-treme Warner Bros. toons?). Well, with an eye on making things awesome and possibly more x-treme, I was thinking about what I would like to see done in comics with some older properties.

Duck Tales: Scrooge’s Swans


In a world terrorized by evil terrorists and organizations such as B.E.A.G.L.E., the public needs the best heroes money can buy. Led by the enigmatic super trillionaire Dr. Scrooge, super spy triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie race around the globe to fight evil before it has a chance to strike. This is Charlie’s Angels meets Mission Impossible meets James Bond but with feathered triplets. Assisting them in their cases are the seemingly ageless butler Duckworth, ace pilot Launchpad McQuack, and insane inventor Dr. Professor Gyro Gearloose. Though these quackers think they’re dealing with simple anatine greed, they’re about to learn of a bigger, much older and darker world beneath Duckburg… one that Magica De Spell is going to raise! The possibilities are endless!

Sweet Valley High

The gossipsweet_valley_high_book_image_01y high school has been rocked first by scandal as a number of kids are arrested for a drug and prostitution ring, but now the seedy center for higher learning has been the site of a grisly murder! Ned, Alice, and Steven Wakefield have been found dead in the gym. An apparent murder-suicide, the cops and teachers have done their best to sweep this under the rug. Unfortunately, Steven’s twin siblings Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield have other plans. They know that their brother and parents were about to uncover something far more dangerous than simple drugs and whoring and were silenced for it. Can they and their squad of friends find the answers they need before someone else is done in? Worse yet, will they figure out in time that one of their own is actually the murderer!!??? Find out next week! Think “Saved By the Bell” but Screech has been murdered and Belding is being suspicious.

Defenders of the Earth


A new age of mankind is dawning and they need a new age of heroes. Led by the planet-saving pilot, Flash Gordon, this team of adventurers must put aside their differences to battle the biggest threats to mankind. Gordon is joined by Mandrake the Magician, the Phantom, Popeye, a time-lost Viking known as Hagar the Horrible, and the beautiful and deadly superspy Blondie. From aliens to interdimensional rifts to more aliens, this team will conquer all who seek to conquer the unconquerable earth! Think “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” but with King Features characters.



Inspector Gadget

cartoon-inspector-gadget_283393Killed on his first outing and rebuilt by his genius niece, Penny, and her robot dog Brain, Inspector Gadget patrols old Detroit righting the wrongs by any means necessary. His deadpan delivery and bloody means of dispensing justice are ruffling more than a few feathers. In our first season Chief Quimby has been ordered to blow up Gadget using a new form of explosive paper. Little does Quimby know that the corporate honchos at Mechanical Assistants of Detroit (M.A.D.) are actually cronies of the evil Dr. Claw! Will Penny hack the Gibson in time to find out the truth? Will Gadget be stopped before he can mete out justice? Will Dr. Claw finally get his revenge? Tune in Thursday after RoboCop.

Punky Brewster: Thunderdome

Two men enter! One Man Leaves!

The apocalypse couldn’t be stopped despite Glomer’s warnings. The man-eating monsters from the end of the rainbow have ravaged this planet. And the nukes did the rest. When Punky’s husband is murdered by an Australian biker gang, she knows it’s time to come out of retirement just one last time. Marvel at this miniseries adventure when Punky raises hell and brings down Soleil-Moon Frye’s terrifying Thunderdome. This series has action, suspense, and a metric ton of explosive pig shit. Catch the all-new “Punky Brewster: Thunderdome” Tuesday night after “Law & Order: SVU”.


These are just a few reboots that have the power to take over your pull list or your DVR. But I think we’re on to something. See you next time!


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