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Perfect Reading T-Shirts for the Book Fandom World

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Now that we’re easing out of the hottest part of the summer, it’s time to start swapping out those book tank tops for reading T-shirts. There are literally book themed T-shirts for any kind of reader out there, though perhaps it’s best to put it this way: there are so many sweet T-shirt swag options for the reading fandom.

Whether you want a reading T-shirt honoring your favorite series or you want a reading T-shirt that pays homage to the love there is for reading and books more broadly, there’s something for everyone here.

Note that most of the T-shirts included come in a wide range of cuts and styles, as well as an array of colors and fabric blends. The prices may fluctuate a bit in accordance with your preferences. As someone who has a tough time with a traditional T-shirt because of my body shape, I’m grateful for options.

Find Your Perfect Reading T-Shirt and Celebrate Book Fandom

Reading Rainbow T-Shirt

Honor the classic children’s television program Reading Rainbow with this sweet tee. $20 and up.

Say hello to your Baby-Sitters Club friends with this Stoneybrook Middle School T-shirt. $24.

Wear this one when you really want people to know it’s time for you to be alone with your book. $20.

For real. $20.

I’d rather be reading T-shirt. $20.

It’s real nice being one of the cool kids for once. $20.

Beautifully simple, it’s a person reading a book. $20.

Indeed, it is! $20.

I’m always here for book and pajama action. $20.

Read, Resist, and Repeat. $20.

Here’s your fall outfit, as well as your winter, spring, and summer outfit. $20.

Add a spooky book T-shirt to your collection. $20.

I super dig this book vibes T-shirt. $20.

How adorable is this book worm reading nook shirt? So adorable. $20.

Straight to the heart of matters. $20.

I’m a little bit obsessed with this old timey cat shirt. $20.

Book It! Book It real good. $20.

One of my favorite sports tees. $20.

Fun typography make this library fan T-shirt a win. $20.

Speaking of library T-shirts, snap up one of these librarian T-shirts if you are so inclined. $22 and up.

Essential elements of any book! $19.

A lovely book filled with wildflowers. $20.

There is no more perfect reading T-shirt than one reminding you every day is a good day to read a book. $17.