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How to Build a Reading Nook

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Simone Jung

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When I think of my reading life, I don’t see myself sitting in some hard-backed chair in the middle of my living room. I love to luxuriate when I read, and that includes a comfy setting, some books, and a warm beverage to keep me warm. It’s kind of funny that this seemed natural to me, but appears to be a whole movement in Denmark called “hygge.” Don’t you find it funny when you’re living a life you thought you created and someone else has already done it?

Creating your own little space to read can be done anywhere. It can be on your bed or on your couch, but there are always essentials to create that feeling to put you in the best reading moment you can find. Call it your “reading nest,” your “book nook,” your “reading chair,” but they all share the same things. Here’s what I usually do when I build myself a “reading nook.”

Look for a place that calls to you

Whether it’s your bed, your couch, or that coffee shop down the street, make time to head to that place and mark it as your reading nook. It can be multiple spots throughout your house, but the things you want to keep in mind is bright light and comfortable sitting. As we all know, reading is a lot of sitting and if you need to sit for periods of time, you might as well go comfy.

But also keep in mind what you need to do to stay focused. If your back hurts, make sure to get the proper lumbar support. If you like to put your feet up, get that ottoman or coffee table over. Keeping a good space that lets you read in whatever capacity that is will help you continue reading.

Blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, oh my!

If you’ve found your spot, now is the time to decorate it. It doesn’t really need much other than a few good blankets and pillows. I like to use the pillows for back support and a blanket to keep me warm. I tend to run a little cooler than most people, so I always keep a blanket nearby. It also helps that blankets are my support system.

Bring whatever makes you feel cozy. If it’s an old stuffed animal or if you like to cuddle a pillow, bring them as well. Whatever keeps you happy while you’re reading will also keep you reading.

Hot drinks and cool candles

According to The Little Book of Hygge, candles and hot drinks are the top priority to building that cozy feeling. I don’t see anything wrong with adapting this to your own little bookish space.

Of course the bookish community is all about the hot drinks and cold drinks. I don’t think I can go with reading without a good hot cup of tea or a yummy latte. There must be studies somewhere that say you need both in order to achieve complete relaxation.

Candles help to create a great cozy vibe without having to do much of anything. The fragrances you choose may also help with improving your speed or recollection of what you’re reading! Of course you don’t want to strain your eyes and read by candlelight, but having a few lit while you read can definitely shape your mood.

Bring your book or bring two!

When I was in sixth grade, my English teacher said one should always carry a secondary book just in case you finish your primary book on the road. Never be stuck without a book on hand!

The same goes for your reading nook. In fact, if you have space for it, dedicate a ton of books to your reading nook. It could be your TBR. It could be a whole series. Whatever the books, let them sit by you when you’re reading. Nothing really comforts me more than seeing more books around me.

I hope these tips help to create that book nook you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you’re already a nooker and don’t need to this advice, but I love sharing! What do you do to create that reader vibe?