Reading With Gabourey Sidibe

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If you haven’t read Gabourey Sidibe’s fabulous memoir This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare, you should remedy that. Doesn’t matter whether you know her or not, it’ll be like sitting down for a tea and chat with one of the funniest women you can imagine.

And also?

She’s one of us.

Sidibe is a loud, proud book nerd, y’all. Books! Reading! She embraces those things and she’s not afraid to talk about them.

As soon as I finished her memoir over a mocha in a local cafe, having stifled a lot of laughs, I knew it was time to flip through her social media for some good book recs. I wasn’t disappointed.

Get your TBR ready. It’s time to read with Sidibe.











If you read down that thread, you’ll learn the book is Gillian Flynn’s The Grownup





Want more of Gabourey’s recommendations? Check out her “By The Book” feature in the New York Times.