Critical Linking

Reading Fiction Really Will Make You Nicer and More Empathetic: Critical Linking, February 1, 2019

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Whatever you might think of the year in politics or weather, 2018 was definitely a great year for books. The sales of paper books continued a steady five-year rise and, despite Amazon’s omnipresence, the number of independent bookstores was up too.

Why are people returning to old-fashioned printed books despite earlier predictions that technology would be the demise of deep reading? Maybe because they intuitively understand what science is just now getting around to proving–books don’t just make us smarter, fiction can make us nicer and more empathetic too.

Something all readers knew already


Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic epic best-seller The Stand is coming to CBS All Access.

The list of King stories not in production right now is probably shorter than the ones that are


An intriguing, previously unknown 13th-century version of a tale featuring Merlin and King Arthur has been discovered in the archives of Bristol central library.


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