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Read-y To Wear: The CLOUD ATLAS Edition

Kit Steinkellner

Staff Writer

Kit Steinkellner is a playwright, screenwriter, and creative writing teacher. She also writes about books and reading  at Books Are My Boyfriends. Follow her onTwitter: @BooksAreMyBFs

I LOVED Amanda Nelson‘s recent Banana Karenina post. I would eat that post up with a spoon if people were allowed to eat the internet!

That post (it’s about Banana Republic doing an Anna Karenina line) (I know) (No, I know) got me thinking- but WHAT if you want to dress like other literary characters? WHAT do you do THEN?

You try out a new Book Riot feature and see if it works, that’s what!

So let’s take a modern classic that’s selling like hotcakes again thanks to the movie adaptation, YES OF COURSE I’m talking about Cloud Atlas!

Nineteenth-century South Pacific to post-Apocalyptic Hawaii with dystopian clone Korea and a 1970s thriller along the way, we’ve got a lot of sartorial ground to cover, let’s get a move on!

You bet your cute tail you can be as adorable-times as American Gold Rush-era notary Adam Ewing…


All you need is… A TOP HAT!

No, you guys, I’m kidding, I’m not insane,all you need is A CRAVAT!

No, I was serious that time, that was the real answer.


I found one cheap for you on Etsy, you’re welcomes.

By the way, I am SO fine with both gentlemen and ladies rocking the cravat. Everyone can be Adam Ewing!

Oh, fine, whatever, you can have a top hat. I couldn’t find one any sane man would wear ever, sorry gentlemen,


Here’s a fascinator one for girls. You have to wear it when you’re feeling your most Carrie Bradshaw-est. I hope that’s every day.

I know, I know, Adam Ewing is great and all but the character you REALLY want to dress like is recently disowned and penniless young English musician Robert Frobisher circa 1931!


Cool, you need the longest coat ever.


Ladies, no one has forgotten you, Least of all DKNY.


Oh SNAP, now we get to do a Luisa Rey 1970s solving a mystery in a turtleneck dress!


I KNEW Modcloth would rock this prompt. 


They should basically just change the name of this item to the “Luisa Rey is Going to Stop the Conspiracy to Assassinate Potential Whistleblowers Frock.” BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT IS.

Timothy Cavendish, you’re up next, compadre.



Here are your frames!


I found them by doing a search for “grandpa glasses,” true story.

And here’s your polka dot bow tie!

il_fullxfull.360825413_sga6Are you skimming through this post trying to find the part where I tell you how to dress like Sonmi 451? NO MORE SKIMMING, YOU’RE HERE!


 Yes, you too can dress like you’re a clone server at Dystopian Korean McDonalds.


But do you want to be a Rebel Clone Girl?


Then you need a red hooded cape thing! Every red hooded cape thing I found was was either way too Sad Outlet Mall or impossibly costume-y, but I thought this was a nice balance between the two and plausibly wearable.


By the by, that whole “plausibly wearable” thing is very dependent on you living in the same universe where cravats and coats that come down to your calves are also things you might wear in real life and not just on Halloween or that one time you were in a school play.

Are we all the way to Sloosha’s Crossing? Do we get to dress like Zachry and Meronym now?


You bet we do! Thank Somni! I guess I could just be lazy and be like “Wear your grandma’s shawls over sweatshirts” but vote no on laziness, Urban Outfitters has plenty of post-apocalyptic sweaters for your cute selves like this nuts-oid sweater…



And this super-sized nuts-oid sweater…


Because you don’t have to worry about your bra showing (or whether or not to even wear one) if you live in post-apocalyptic Hawaii, YOU JUST DON’T.

I know, I know, there are five trillion more characters in Cloud Atlas, but at least now you can dress like SOME of them. So what book do we want to dress like next? Recent bestseller? Contemporary classic? Not so contemporary classic. You let me know who you want to look like, I’ll find you some threads.