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What are You Reading This Week — February 1, 2024

Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books at the Lesbrary. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

Happy February, friends! Can you believe we’re already a month into 2024? If you’re keeping on track to complete the 2024 Read Harder Challenge, you should be done about two prompts by now. But if you haven’t, there’s still plenty of time to catch up!

I’m about to go on vacation for two weeks, which means you’ll be getting recommendations from the other excellent Book Riot editors for a bit. It also means that I’ll be doing a lot of reading, so I hope to make some solid progress in some of the tasks!

I want to know your January reading wrap-up: how is your reading year going so far? Have you read any books you recommend? And how is your progress going in the Read Harder Challenge? Let me know in the comments!

And if you want custom recommendations for any of the tasks, check out Book Riot’s book recommendation subscription service, TBR (Tailored Book Recommendations). You can fill out a survey with your reading taste and then ask for recs for any of the tasks — or for something else entirely. There are hardcover, paperback, or recommendations-only levels, depending on your preference and budget!

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately, how I’ve been progressing through the tasks, and — most importantly — a photo of my weirdo pitbull, Scrappy.

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How has your reading year been so far, one month in? How many tasks have you completed? Let’s chat in the comments!

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