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Read Harder Challenge Check-In!

Andi Miller

Staff Writer

Andi Miller is a proponent of fauxhawks, gaudy jewelry, country music, and writing. When she’s not publicly relating at her day job or teaching university English courses online, she’s a hardcore reader, social media addict, 10-year book blogging veteran at Estella’s Revenge, and host of Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. Her favorite literary snacks are comics, literary fiction, and foodie memoirs. Her favorite real snacks are Froot Loops, fried catfish tails, and serial Twitter unfollowers. Blog: Estella's Revenge Twitter: @EstellasRevenge

You blink and then three quarters of the year are gone! And that means three quarters of the Read Harder Challenge have passed!

We wanted to do a quick check-in not only to reacquaint you with what we’ve covered so far, but to remind you what’s coming up, and more importantly, to see how you’re doing with the challenge.

Here’s the recap!

Initial Read Harder post

Comics Journalism

Villains As Protagonists


LGBTQ Characters

Non-Traditional Superheroes

Comic Strip Collections

Books About Comics

Non-Traditional Art

Controversial Comics

Science Fiction Comics

A Culture Other Than Your Own

Eisner Award Winners

Standalone Graphic Novels

Fantasy Comics

Golden Age Comics

Comics By An All-Female Team

Anthropomorphic Animals

Comics Set In Another Country

Comics From the Library

All-Ages Comics

We only have five categories left! 

  • Creative Team Representing More Than One Gender
  • Originally Published in Europe
  • Independent Publishers
  • A Religion Other Than Your Own
  • Written and Drawn By the Same Person


    What are your favorite comics from the categories you’ve read so far? Any heads-up recommendations for the upcoming categories?

    Now, let’s finish strong and READ HARDER!