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Read Every Day: 7 Ways to Put a Little Literature in Your Inbox

As I accumulate side jobs like it’s my job, I find more and more days pass by where I don’t really sit down and read. Although I try to listen to audiobooks during my commute, I wanted another way to make sure I got a little literature in my brain every day.

That’s when I discovered the existence of newsletters that send a short piece of literature right to your inbox. Most of us are constantly checking our email anyway, so why not make sure one of those emails will be a poem, a short story, or essay?

These email newsletters tend to be short, something you can read in a few minutes while you sip your coffee or tea. They’ve let me add a few solid reading minutes to even my busier mornings. Plus, getting a poem in my email every day helps me make sure I’m actually reading poetry!

So you can bring a little more reading into your inbox, here is a list of a few sources for literary email goodness:


The Poetry Foundation’s Poem a Day feed allows you to subscribe via your preferred reader. A new poem is posted every day, with a mix of poetry from canonical and contemporary poets.’s Poem-a-Day email is as easy as it gets. They send an email once a day that includes the text of the poem right in your email! Typically, it’s contemporary poetry on weekdays with throwback classics on the weekend.


The Season of Stories runs from October 11-December 30th and sends you a short story or essay straight to your inbox. I’ve really been enjoying them so far.

Daily Science Fiction will shoot a science fiction story to your inbox every day if you sign up for their newsletter.

Daily Lit will send you 15-minute installments of a book of your choice each day. There’s a vast library of books, both free and for purchase, to choose from. You can also check out the serials and short stories they publish to fit this time frame.

Every Day Fiction sends you a short short story each day. Their tagline is “bite sized stories for a busy world,” which promises content that will slip seamlessly into your day.

Mixed Bag

The Writer’s Almanac newsletter includes short poetry or prose depending on the day. There’s also bonus literary history so you can brush up on your bookish trivia.

These are just a few of the many options to find a daily email that will encourage you to read a little every day. Happy reading!

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