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Bookish Candles for Fans of THE RAVEN CYCLE

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I think candles might be my favourite form of book-related fan product. They get me into the world of the book like nothing else, enveloping me in the scent of a scene or a place or a character. They’re perfect for reading to, but also amazing to write to. Candles just set the right mood, and are always burning when the writing muse strikes.

My absolute ultimate candle is one inspired by Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle – and now, I suppose, Call Down the Hawk and the other upcoming books in The Dreamer Trilogy as well. Something about the world of Henrietta and Cabeswater and The Barns is so connected to the idea of scent for me: these places seem tangible, and immersive, and above all, magical. I want to feel like I’m in them.

I had a favourite site for Raven Cycle candles, but unfortunately they closed down. So I went on the hunt. After much looking around, asking friends, and frantic Etsy searches, I’ve got a group of candles that I can confidently say are near-perfect snapshots of The Raven Boys experience. There are some places, and some characters, and I think they all enrich the experience of reading (or rereading) these magical books.

Ley Lines by Rose and Adder

This one references a big part of the series – those mystical ley lines – and captures them through the scents of rain, grass, and sandalwood. It’s somehow refreshing, and very outdoorsy as well.

300 Fox Way by Spark and Sparrow

Although I picture Fox Way smelling of tea and incense, I bought this candle from Perth-based company Spark and Sparrow and was converted. With the smell of honeysuckle, violet, and musk, this candle turns the home of the psychic Sargents into somewhere you feel like you can visit.

Raven Boys by Briarwick

Raven boys are bastards, and this candle captures that perfectly. It smells of gasoline, motor oil, and soft leather, bringing to life what it must be like to ride in the Pig with Gansey.

Cabeswater by Novelly Yours

The place everyone truly wants to visit: the dreamscape that is that magical forest, Cabeswater. This candle brings it to life with scents of meadows, rain, outdoors, cotton and leaves – everything sure smelled by Blue Sargent and her boys as they explored its depths.

Aglionby Academy by Orbiting Pluto

The Raven Boys has some elements of dark academia, what with the exclusivity of the notorious Aglionby Academy – and of course, all the Latin. The stately halls of Gansey, Noah, Ronan, and Adam’s school are capture by smells of coffee, oak, and thunderstorms.

The Raven Boys set by Ruthless Heroines

This set contains four candles, each inspired by one of the Raven boys. The King, Gansey’s candle, smells like mint, orange and mandarin. Ronan’s candles, The Dreamer, is darker: leather, woods, and suede. Adam’s candle, The Magician, references his famous Coca-Cola shirt and his connection to Cabeswater. The final in the quartet, Noah’s candle, smells like marshmallow. Each of the candles can be bought individually, so you can show the love for your favourite Raven boy, or indulge in the whole set.