Rate These Popular Novels To Reveal Your Love Language

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Thanks to the bestselling book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, it seems like everyone is identifying what they need from their loved ones based on one of these five languages of love. But what is your love language? As a lover of literature, can you really know what you need from a partner without first identifying what you need from a book? I say no, you cannot, which is why I developed this highly scientific quiz to help you identify what your love language is based on how you feel about these twenty popular novels. (And because we already covered the bookish love language.)

Take this quiz to find out what you need from your partner, and/or have your main squeeze take this quiz so that you’ll know how to please. Either way, I’ll sweeten the deal by offering you a new 2018 novel you might like based on what your love language is, because when love fails us, it’s nice to turn to a good book.

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