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Rainbow Book Stack Stickers for Pride

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Annika Barranti Klein

Staff Writer

Annika Barranti Klein likes books, obviously.   Twitter: @noirbettie

My laptop serves two purposes. One is that of a computer, where I write and edit and read and browse and buy and cetera and cetera and cetera. Obviously this is its primary function. The other is as a display: the back of my laptop is almost entirely covered in stickers. Some of them came from the feminist sticker club, some of them came from Etsy shops. Most of them are Pride stickers of one variety or another. I enjoy the fact that my computer announces to anyone who sees me working on it that I am queer, support trans people, knit, and also that I like like Star Wars (listen, not all of my stickers are for Pride). There’s a little space left and I am in search of some stickers that will make my laptop even more gay, if that’s even a thing that can be done.

If there’s anything that I like as much as I love being queer (and Star Wars), it’s books. Right? I mean, that’s why we’re all here. So I went looking for stickers of rainbow book stacks for Pride, and Etsy delivered. My ten favorites are below! My sincerest apologies to your wallet — at least stickers are pretty inexpensive!

rainbow bookshelf sticker

I adore the simplicity of this rainbow bookshelf sticker, the books almost suggestions! $3

diverse rainbow book stack sticker against a woof surface

Absolutely adore this diverse pride flag bookshelf sticker! And as of this writing, proceeds go to charity. $4.50

rainbow book stack

I can’t put my finger on why, but this rainbow book stack sticker feels extra summery! $3.50

rainbow pride book stack

Obsessed with the mostly YA titles on this rainbow pride book stack sticker! $6.50

simple rainbow book stack

Go back to basics with this simple rainbow book stack. $2

read the rainbow book stack

Read the rainbow (wink, wink) with this rainbow book sticker. $3.50

rainbow book stack planner stickers

Take a slightly different approach with a rainbow of mini mono-color book stacks for your planner. $3

rainbow stack of books

Here’s a sweet rainbow stack of books sticker that ships from the UK. $2

library pride book stacks

Choose your pride flag and show your love for libraries with these rainbow library book stickers! $5 each, $8 for two, or $9 for all three.

rainbow book stack stickers

For a change, why not try a rainbow book stack sticker? $3.50

Enjoy stickering up your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or wherever you put your stickers! If you need more bookish swag, we have lots more bookish goods to show you.