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Rad Bookish Covers: Tributes and Parodies Edition

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Some folks show their love of books (or book series) by covering the songs from adaptations, some of which I’ve featured here previously. Other folks take pop songs and make tributes and parodies of books we love or love to hate. This little collection is for the latter. And best of all, these tunes are all in good fun.


To start things off, here’s something I totally missed when it first came out but delighted me while I was putting this list together: Brittani Louise Taylor’s fab cover of Katy Perry’s Part of Me, made into a tribute for The Hunger Games. I had a look at her channel after seeing this video, and she’s actually got a butt-load of parodies in there, including a parody of Catching Fire, to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. If that’s your thing, check out her other work.


Comics fans (and really, non-fans too, I think) should enjoy this parody featuring Harley Quinn. Listen to Harley sing to Joker to the tune of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, except, of course, the topic of her pleas is Batman. It’s just so, so appropriate in terms of tone and everything else.


This video is more tribute and less parody, and is the only song on my list that is completely original. Oh, shush, I know this list is supposed to be all covers, but I guess I lied. Grace Coleman was so moved by The Fault in Our Stars that she wrote a pretty song inspired by it. If you want just the song without the intro, skip to 1:15.


Juuuuuust in case you missed Sesame Street’s Les Mis-related medley titled Les Mousserables, I’m including it in this list. Cookie Monster learns about sharing in this funny video about all the miserable people around him who just want some of his delicious cookies.


I’m sure this parody resonates with folks who are fans (or hate-fans) of A Song of Ice and Fire and the many (many… many..) deaths contained in those pages. Not Literally produced a hilarious cover of Gotye’s Somebody I Used to Know about the experience of being a fan of the series. You might have heard of this group before, since they did Sorted This Way (tribute to Hufflepuffs) and that one Doctor Who parody video, too.


One Direction songs tend to drive me kind of batty most days, but when they’re catchy tunes about Hobbits and stuff, I’m much more tolerant. The Warp Zone presents One Ring. It’s labeled as The Hobbit, except it kind of covers a bit of the Lord of the Rings series too, but yeah – you get the idea.


I’m rounding off this list with a cute parody of Payphone titled Your Home, which is all about the world of Harry Potter. If you have trouble catching all the lyrics, click through to the actual YouTube page so you can read them in the video’s description.

As usual, feel free to add links to more parodies or tributes in the comments below, since I can’t possibly have seen them all.

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