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Quiz: Which Pokémon Are You?

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I don’t know about you, but I am still playing PokémonGo with an unexpected fervor, as I eagerly anticipate Pokémon Sword and Shield. From watching the animated show when I was young to first beating the Elite Four in Sapphire, my world has been immersed in the world of this adorable tiny monsters.

The world is full of Pokémon books for every grade level, from the Classic Chapter Book Collection—and favorite classic titles such as Night in the Haunted Tower and Return of the Squirtle Squad—to the Pokémon Adventures manga series, to the encyclopedic Super Deluxe Essential Handbook, to the newest Alohan books, including the Aloha Chapter Book Collection.

But with all those games and all those pages, one question is still on my mind: Which Pokémon am I?

Many of these quizzes focus on our main stars, and so I’ve gone for some of our other favorite creatures. Is your personality more summed up in the shy Sandshrew or the enthusiastic Chikorita—the fiery Torchic or the friendly Mareep? Are you empathetic like Ralts? Would you swim alongside Mudkip, sleep alongside Slakoth, or take off into the clouds with Swablu? Which Pokémon are you? Time to find out!