Quiz: Which Discworld Witch Are You?

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The other week a rioter came across a tweet (the user has deleted their account) demanding less Harry Potter quizzes and more Discworld quizzes—namely, a which Discworld witch are you quiz. As a lifelong fan of Discworld, I jumped on the idea.

The witches were my entry point into Discworld, and while there are no wrong places to start in the Discworld universe, the witches are still my go-to recommendation for newbs. I’ve been reading Discworld since I was a teenager, thanks to my Uncle Jim, and there’s just no other fantasy series like it. Terry Pratchett was an amazing writer. The Discworld novels are profound, hilarious, approachable, witty. And the witches encapsulate all those things. They’re perfect. I want to believe these witches exist in the world. And I guess they do. I have them on my bookshelf, after all.

This is the best possible quiz because THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS! Get Granny Weatherwax? Hell yes! Nanny Ogg? Absolutely! Magrat? My name’s already almost there! Agnes/Perdita? Fun! Tiffany Aching? My favorite young witch!

Enjoy, and let me know which Discworld witch you are! And maybe your favorite scene with that witch! (I got Magrat, and my favorite scene is when she slays as a warrior queen in Lords and Ladies.)