Quiz: Which Author Are You?



a) Aside from reading and writing, you take pleasure in aesthetics and could see yourself as a tastemaker.

b) You are passionate about your beliefs, whatever they may be (political, philosophical, etc.).
c) You come from a family that values education – and you carried on that legacy by taking your studies seriously.
d) At some point in your life you may have had a “you-leave-me-alone-or-I’ll-bite-you complex.”


a) You have to have a partner that is your intellectual equal – otherwise the relationship won’t last.

b) You plan to marry (or have already married) someone with the same political beliefs as you.
c) You love children so much you wouldn’t mind having seven (biological or adopted).
d) You would be ok with never marrying.


a) You enjoy irony and don’t mind being made fun of.

b) You like to read and/or write pieces that create the discussion rather than just the entertainment.
c) You believe in using humor, even in hopeless situations.
d) The grotesque does not bother you.


a) You know a lot of important people, and you don’t mind criticizing them (as much as you don’t mind criticizing people you don’t know).
b) It’s possible you might become obsessive about certain things and overdo them.
c) You consider smoking a “classy way to commit suicide.”
d) You enjoy maintaining a wide correspondence, even if you rarely see the people to whom you are writing.



If you chose mostly a’s you are Edith Wharton
If you chose mostly b’s you are Richard Wright
If you chose mostly c’s you are Kurt Vonnegut
If you chose mostly d’s you are Flannery O’Connor