Can You Match the Collective Noun with the Animal Group It Describes?

Leah Rachel von Essen

Senior Contributor

Leah Rachel von Essen reviews genre-bending fiction for Booklist, and writes regularly as a senior contributor at Book Riot. Her blog While Reading and Walking has over 10,000 dedicated followers over several social media outlets, including Instagram. She writes passionately about books in translation, chronic illness and bias in healthcare, queer books, twisty SFF, and magical realism and folklore. She was one of a select few bookstagrammers named to NewCity’s Chicago Lit50 in 2022. She is an avid traveler, a passionate fan of women’s basketball and soccer, and a lifelong learner. Twitter: @reading_while

A roll of armadillos. A raft of otters. A shrewdness of apes.

The English language is a difficult and miraculous place. A collective noun is a word that refers to a collection of things taken as a whole. A “group” of people. A “bouquet” of flowers. You know these words and probably use them often — words like a bushel, a squad, a stack, a swarm, a cast, a pack, a fleet, a bunch, a set.

There are so many amazing words for groups of animals, some of which were more intuitive or simple and some of which were a little more creative and intentional. For example, there’s a pack of dogs and a herd of buffalo, but humans also created names like a memory of elephants, a hover of trout, and a cackle of hyenas.

So…how many do you know, or how many can you guess? This quiz will put you through your paces, starting with the easiest answers and building up to some of the most difficult ones. Let me know how well you do!

What’s your favorite animal collective noun?