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Queer Bookish T-Shirt Line Launches for Pride

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To celebrate Pride, the Food4Thot podcast just teamed up with Green Box Shop to launch a super-queer collection of t-shirts, with all proceeds benefitting Transgender Law Center.

Food4Thot is a delightfully queer and eminently bookish podcast hosted by poet Tommy Pico (Nature Poem, Junk and IRL), writer Joseph Osmudson (Inside/Out and Capsid: A Love Song), poet Dennis Norris II (Awst Collection—Dennis Norris II), and community organizer Fran Tirado. Green Box Shop is the ridiculously-popular, black-owned business behind the perfection that is the  “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” t-shirt.

So it’s no wonder that, when you bring these two forces together, you get some incredible shirts.

The Food4Thot collection includes 11 designs, all by Ben Wagner and all (as the collection description has it) “gay as hell.” And 4 of the 11 are also bookish as hell.

There’s one that lets everyone know what really turns you on:

tshirt reading BIBLIOSEXUAL

One that fulfills your love of that dictionary aesthetic:

tshirt with dictionary style definition of thot

One that makes your books-are-better-than-indiscriminate-slaughter priorities clear:

person wearing tshirt with BOOKS NOT GUNS on it

And then there’s my favorite, which invites those who interact with you to be better at the bookstore:

person wearing tshirt with DECOLONIZE YOUR BOOKSHELF on it

All that bookish hotness and 100% of the proceeds go to a trans-led organization fighting for gender justice? That’s the kind of Pride I get excited about.

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