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How Punny: Enamel Pins Featuring Puns and Word Play

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I love clever word play. Give me a pun, and I will laugh. It doesn’t need to be good and in fact, sometimes the more cringe-y the word play, the better.

Enter: punny enamel pins.

Find below a wide array of cute, clever, cringe-worthy, and downright delightful enamel pins featuring all kinds of word play. I’m enamored with how many are food-themed, but these pins go well beyond that.

In a world where everything is hard and heavy, especially now, we can at least smile at these…and add them to the tote bags we’ll be carrying around our homes or outside throughout the season.

Delightfully Punny Enamel Pins

What could be better than brie and a little Beatles diddy? $10.

Speaking of The Beetles. $9.

Waffle love here. $10.

This enamel pin is super relatable. $7.

I want to hang out with this raven. $9.

Sushi and soy sauce together 4-evah. $10.

The lil wink there takes this punny pin from good to outstanding. $13.

I would drink a catpuccino, but first I’d put the cat on my lap to snuggle. $12.

Look at the sincerity in those eyes. $6.50.

Whale, Shit. I think I need this pin ASAP. $10.

You succ too, little buddy! $12.

How can anyone resist a slice of pupperoni pizza? $12.

I love a little pickle snark. $12.

Let’s taco bout it all day long. $12.

Love how stylish this cellfie is. $12.

Drink up that positivi-tea. $11 and up.

I can’t imagine this cute llama is full of drama! $13.

This is hiss-terical. $12.

The creator’s description of this panda pun pin is too good not to quote: “gets the harsh point across while also softening the blow by being so gosh darn cute.” $10.

Stay salty, haters. $10.

It took me a minute, and then it took all of my laughter. $13.

You mermaid for this. $13.

Talk about cocking an attitude. $12.

Butter not get hung up on it. $12.

The best day of the week is Fry yay. $10 and up.

As a former badminton player, this birdie is my favorite. $10.

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