Pumpin’ It Bookworm Style: Bookish Fitness Apparel

Becky Stone

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Becky Stone loves to read stories about princesses who save themselves and firmly believes that a mug of hot chocolate paired with the right novel can solve almost any problem. Becky recently did that thing where you leave your safe, easy job to try to make money doing what you love, and is now a professional jewelry lover and freelance writer. You can find more of Becky at her blog, Diamonds in the Library, where she writes about both jewelry and books. Twitter: @DiamondsintheLi

I’ve written before about my eternal struggle to motivate myself to exercise regularly even though there are so many books in the world that need reading.

Today, my fellow fitness-aspiring bookworms, I bring you another tool to add to our arsenal of book nerd workout aspirations: bookish fitness apparel.

Magic School Bus work out topMagic School Bus workout top.

YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. I would run for this, wouldn’t you?

I lift books Harry Potter workout topI Lift Harry Potter books workout top.

I feel like there’s a training program somewhere in this: start off doing reps with Sorcerer’s Stone and gradually work your way up.

Do you even lift shakespeare styleDoes thou hoist? workout top.

Apparently saying “do you even lift?” is a thing among workout apparel enthusiasts. (I know that because there were a bunch of shirts that said “do you even lift?” listed before this one.) Take that saying and make it better with the bard.

I work out so I can carry more booksCarry more books workout top.

What’s that in your bag? The entire Wheel of Time series in hardcover? NBD.

(This shirt uses “workout” as a verb, which makes me twitch. I’m still entertained, but with a side of cringing.)

Quidditch is my cardio workout shirtQuiddich is my cardio workout top.

I can’t top the website’s description for this one, so here it is:

“Step off, muggles. Keep your gym membership, I’ll be busy lobbing quaffles. Accio SWOLE.”

Hunger games work out shirtI would have died in the Hunger Games workout top.

You can file this one under “things Becky has actually thought about at the gym.” I want to at least make it out of the Cornucopia before I’m reduced to a cannon blast and a hologram in the sky.

Train for the triwizard tournamentTriwizard Champion workout top.

Just because you’re a Muggle doesn’t mean you can’t train like a Champion. After all, Harry’s name came out of the Goblet of Fire…why not yours?

Thought she be but little she is fierceHermia workout top.

I’ve loved this quote since I first read Midsummer in 7th grade. That was around the same time that I accepted that I was never going to reach my life height goal of 5′ 4″.

My workout is readingReading in bed workout top.

Lastly, this gem: because sometimes you won’t be able to put the book down. And that’s okay.

All images are via Activate Apparel, where this fabulous bookish fitness apparel is all for sale.

And here’s where you can find the “I lift hard covers” top that’s this post’s featured image.


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