Publishers Call Out Target for Redacting LGBTQ Words from Descriptions: Critical Linking, September 17

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While Target promises to review and update the book descriptions that contain redactions that publishers and authors recently brought to its attention, PW continues to receive complaints regarding Target’s redactions of the data submitted to it by Baker & Taylor. B&T, which provides both book metadata and fulfillment for, confirmed this morning that it does not edit metadata for content. Kell Andrews said that replaced the word “snatch” with asterisks in the description of her children’s picture book, The Book Dragon (Sterling, Oct.), about a book-hoarding dragon.

Target has also been redacting words like “transgender” and “queer,” according to publishers.

Dolly meets Dumplin’!

During my school years, you could often find me toting around stacks of books so high they shielded my face. Books challenged my beliefs and thought processes, and introduced me to other young girls like me who sometimes felt excluded. I was also a straight-A student who never shied away from assignments. One day, I openly remarked that I was going to read a book on the class syllabus marked as optional. A classmate questioned my decision, and I responded by telling her that I found the subject interesting. She turned to face me before shrugging and saying,

“Seriously? Because the real black girls I know don’t read for pleasure.”

Necessary reading.

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