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PRISONER OF AZKABAN Gets Cover Makeover With Easter Eggs: Critical Linking, January 30, 2019

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U.K. publisher Bloomsbury continues its mission of releasing 20th anniversary book covers for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. After Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, the third installment in the saga, Prisoner of Azkaban, gets a new makeover — and a bunch of Easter eggs, too.

Artist Levi Pinfold designed four new covers for the novel based on the four Hogwarts houses: red for Gryffindor, yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw, and green for Slytherin. Each cover holds a black dog — the Animagus form of Sirius Black — in its center, though their surroundings change.

These are real purdy.

If the term “classic novel” brings to mind lengthy works like War & Peace and Moby-Dick, you might be pleased to discover that there are plenty of short classics you can read in a weekend. I’ve picked out 15 crisp, snappy novels, and short-fiction collections for you to enjoy below, so pick one up for your next weekend reading sesh.

Classics don’t have to be blunt-object size.

Newly sworn in Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has sold her debut memoir This Is What America Looks Like to Dey Street Books. According to the deal’s announcement in Publishers Marketplace, the book “chronicles her journey fleeing war in Somalia as a little girl, becoming a refugee in her early teens, and making her way against unspeakable odds to become the congresswoman-elect from Minnesota as a collection of remarkable firsts: first Muslim refugee in Congress, first woman of color to represent Minnesota, and the first person to wear a hijab in Congress.” The deal was listed as a “good deal,” meaning ranging from $100,000-$250,000. Omar will be working with a collaborator.

Another one to add to the so-many-great-upcoming-memoirs list.

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