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20 Pretty Notebooks To Record Your Favourite Recipes

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Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

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I live with a conundrum: I absolutely love cookbooks because of how pretty they are, but I rarely ever buy them because sometimes the recipes overwhelm me. There is rarely ever a time in which I pick up a cookbook, leaf through it, and don’t realise I am only going to make about half of the recipes. So, unfortunately, I rely much more often on online recipes than I do on cookbooks.

This, however, comes with another issue: I much prefer to follow a recipe that is written down than having to navigate a website page filled with ads, videos relevant to other recipes, pop-ups, and such. So when I find a recipe I like online, I always take note of it on paper.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a proper recipe notebook to keep the many recipes I scribble down on random blank pages, and I found so many cute ones. I wanted to share them with those of you who may or may not like cookbooks but definitely would love a notebook to keep your favourite recipes organised and neat in one place.

Below, there are several options to choose from, and they are all gorgeous.


Photo of a leather-bound journal that closes with two claps and has text and image engraved on the front

Let’s start with this beauty. A bunch of pages for all your recipes and a gorgeous cover. $59

Photo of a leather notebook with a leather strap closing it and some text  engraved on the cover

Another leather bound, but this time with a leather strap closure. $53

Photo of a leather notebook with kitchen tools and text engraved on the cover

There is no closure on this one, but the cover engravings make up for it. $27

Photo of a leather notebook that closes with a clasp with text and drawing engraved on the cover

This one is for those who prefer larger notebooks with more details. $43

Photo of a leather notebook with a strap that closes it, a writing feather and key hanging from the strap

This one also holds a lot of recipes but has a few more details in the clasp. $32


Photo of a yellow notebook with the word recipes on the cover

A spine bound together by springs makes it easier to write on. And this yellow colour is just beautiful. $24

Image of a white notebook with lemons painted on it and the text recipes at the centre

For all lemon fans out there. It’s definitely my favourite scent. $24

Photo of a green notebook with a cover showing the measurement and some kitchen tools and spoons

Not only do I love the colour on this one, but I also love the measurement equivalents on the cover. $22

A notebook with a wooden cover and flowers engraved on it

This one and the one below both fit in the same category. I find it very simple but pretty. $17

Photo of a big recipe book with two big springs on the side bounding it together and drawings engraved on the cover

This is an option for those who like to splurge a bit. $50

Wooden Cover

Photo of three identical wooden recipe notebooks with a round spine and an elastic to close them

The cover on these is completely made of wood and closes with an elastic. $39

Photo of a wooden notebook with text and some flowers engraved on it

Another that is generally simple but has a special touch to it. $54


Photo of a woman holding a recipe notebook binder with a cover of painted shelves with kitchen tools

I absolutely love the cover art on this one. $35

Photo of a binder with three rings and an engraved cover

And this one is just extremely cute. $22

Photo of a binder with two rings and images and text engraved

Darker wood works really well with this design. $53

A Pinch Of Everything (But Mostly Fabric)

Photo of a simple recipe notebook in beige with the word RECIPES at the centre

This one is a special choice for everyone who prefers that classic, clean look. $95

Photo of a recipe notebook with a personalised text at the centre and drawings of cake and bread around it

This has a cute interior, and you can choose from so many colours! $39

Photo of five recipe notebooks with different colour placed on top of each other, a personalised text in the centre

Perhaps one of my favourites, simple but super neat. I’m in love with all the pastel colours, to be honest. $39

Photo of a recipe notebook with a wooden cover and a leather spine and claps standing in front of a vase of flowers, the cover has flowers at the corners and text in the middle

And to finalise: a variation of materials, with an exquisite cover. $50

Although all different, one thing these notebooks have in common is that they can be personalised to your taste and with your name! Good luck choosing just one!

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