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Pretty Mugs to Chase Away the Winter Blues

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Winter for many of us means cold, gray days and lots of time spent indoors. While this can be a bit depressing (I miss the sun! And my hammock!) it can also be a great time to curl up with a great book — or several — and a mug full of something yummy. If you’re starting to feel like you’re stuck in a rut of endless winter and you need a little pick me up, how about splurging on an adorable new bookish mug? I recommend making a ritual out of using your new mug to make something tasty, whether’s it’s adding fancy creamer to your morning coffee or preparing a frothy tea latte one afternoon, and then curling up with a great book.

These pretty mugs are just the thing to add a little bookish happiness into your endless winter days! They run the range from pretty to cute to retro, and they’ll put a smile on your face every time you use one. And if you need a little inspiration for your drink and book pairings, then we’ve got some book and tea recommendations for you as well!

Black Kitten Bookish Mug ($19): How adorable is this little kitten with his open book?

A black and white mug depicting a black kitten laying on an open book in a field of yellow flowers

Book Nerd Floral Mug ($19): I love the color choice for the florals here!

a white and pink mug with orange, pink, blue, and brown blossoms that reads "book nerd"

Personalized Bookish Camp Mug ($19): Put your name on it so no one else takes it! This is a cute and sturdy little stainless steel mug!

White stainless steel mug with watercolor book and flowers, and the ability to have it personalized with your name in cursive

Book Nerd Mug ($15): I love the elegant line art of this mug — it feels like something that could be a cool tattoo!

white mug depicting the line art of a woman above an open book, with orange and pink florals

Books Are My Love Language Mug ($20): Shoutout to the fellow readers who feel seen and heard when given books.

white mug with retro 70's font in pink, orange, blue, green, and gold lettering the reads "books are my love language"

Kindred Spirits Camp Mug ($26): Grab one for yourself and one for your fellow kindred spirit!

whit and black camp mug that reads "kindred spirits" circles in a black line illustration of branches and berries

Mood Reader Glass Mug ($17): For those that wait for the mood to strike!

Glass mug with the reads "mood reader" and stars in white

Just One More Chapter Mug ($18): Another one for the glass mug fans!

Glass mug with line art of an open book and flowers that reads "one more chapter"

Black Cat Reading Mug ($17): For those bookish cat lovers out there!

black and white mug depicting a black cat reading an open book surrounded by orange flowers

Vintage Flat Lay Book Mug ($15): I’m loving these cool vintage book vibes!

white mug with a vintage flatlay style of illustration that depicts books, glasses, mugs, and plants

If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, check out some of the best punny mugs for language lovers.