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We Practice Charity: The Finalists

CharityWe don’t have a lot of rules here at the Riot, but one we stick to and that we’re proud of is our commitment to donating 2% of all revenue to charity. It’s built into our DNA and written into our business plan. There’s no funny business or fuzzy math; we take our total revenue x 0.02 and write a check each year to an organization nominated and voted on by Book Riot’s community.

In 2013, Riot readers selected Girls Write Now, and we had a wonderful year working with them. A couple weeks ago, we asked for your 2014 nominations, and you shared a whole bunch of incredible organizations with us. We’ve explored all of the options and selected four great finalists. Check them out and cast your vote by 11:59pm next Monday, February 17th.

The finalists are:

Housing Works

Open Books

Pencils of Promise 

Room to Read

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