Check Out Pottery Barn Teens’ Awesome New Harry Potter Decor Line

Okay, so you didn’t board the Hogwarts Express to head off to school this fall, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could pretend you did? Pottery Barn Teen has a gorgeous new line of Harry Potter decor so you can turn your bedroom (or your dorm room, or your office, or anything) into the Hogwarts room of your dreams.

The collection is pretty extensive. You should go explore the whole thing yourself, but I’ll just  give you some of the highlights.

PBTeen has merch for every house, so if you’re one of those people who is frustrated that you can only ever find crimson and gold decor, well, your little Hufflepuff heart doesn’t need to worry. They’ve got backpacks, pennants, pillows and throws in your favorite house colors.

The pennants are great, and perfect if you just want to add a little taste of Hogwarts to your room.

harry potter hogwarts pennant

I’m also pretty into these Hogwarts House lap desks, if only because I’ve literally never thought “you know what would make me feel more like a wizard? A lap desk with a removable top!”

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harry potter lap desk

I joke, but also, these are pretty neat! You have a space for all your inks and quills and also your post-it flags, since I’m pretty sure there isn’t a magical replacement for post-it flags. I can’t tell if the tops of the lap desks are smooth, or if the Hogwarts crest is actually pressed into the wood.

The House-themed stuff’s pretty good, I know, but it does seem like you could get it from a well-stocked Hot Topic. The best parts of this collection are the pieces that don’t really feel like branded merch. They’re the kinds of things that make you feel like you’re really living in that world. I have a personal theory that I’d rather dress like the pop-culture icon than have the pop-culture icon on my t-shirt. I do both, of course, but if it comes down to a Minnie Mouse t-shirt or the perfect red-and-white polka dot dress, I would go for the dress. This Harry Potter line is the perfect polka dot dress.

I mean, look at this duvet set. The patronum damask is just perfect.

harry potter duvet

Here’s a closeup:

If that’s not your style, there’s a slightly simpler duvet set with stars and moons and (totally alive) Hedwig.

hedwig harry potter duvet

Then you can top your bed with a MAGICAL GLOW IN THE DARK DISAPPEARING MARAUDER’S MAP. It’s so good I’m mad about it.

glow in the dark harry potter pillow

If you need more throw pillows, there’s a lovely expecto patronum one. (This whole line is super into patronuses, which, like, I get, but also, there are other cool spells too, PB Teen.)

expecto patronum pillow

This #HedwigLives owl cage/jewelry stand is so pretty, you don’t even need to be into Harry Potter to have it in your room.
 hedwig jewelry stand

But this $400 Mirror of Erised jewelry box mirror? This is for the true fan who has $400 to spend on a Mirror of Erised before they even figure out how to get $400 out of the Mirror of Erised.

mirror of erised mirror

This is what it looks like open:

These flying key hooks, from one of the most iconic scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone, look small, but they’re actually a full nine inches tall.

flying key hooks
And then there is my very favorite piece: the golden snitch clock. I just love the idea of having this little golden thing, gears whirring, on my bedside table. It really does look magical.
golden snitch clock

There’s lots more in this Harry Potter decor collection, so make sure you check out the whole thing. They’ve even got some great DIYs and downloadables to help you complete the look!

(And read on for more of our favorite bookish-inspired decor and goods.)