Potential Increase to Library Budget and What You Can Do to Help



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President Biden’s FY 2023 Budget request to Congress includes a request to increase funding to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), a federal organization that provides funding to libraries and museums in the United States through state sponsoring programs.

The request is for $276.8 million, an increase from what is usually less than $250 million and a welcome reprieve from threats to eliminate the IMLS altogether that had been coming from the previous presidential administration.

With this increase in funding, the IMLS will be able to continue providing vital sponsorship for programs that support Native American and Native Hawaiian Library Services, African American history and Latine American history programs, services for youth on the Autism Spectrum, safe havens for children, free literacy programs nationwide, and much more.

Take Action

To help this budget increase go through, you can send an email to your representative. has an email template that will facilitate the process, only the representative’s address needs to be entered.

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