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Portable Book Stands: 25 Bookish Holders for Every Reader

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Portable book stands provide ease and efficiency, two factors an avid reader thrives on! Readers bring their books everywhere: work, home, relaxing coffee breaks. We turn to books when destressing from overflowing inboxes! We sneak in a chapter or two while prepping for our next class! Whether we’re trying out new bread recipes or bettering a crochet hobby, we turn to books to improve our lives. Trust me, I’ve been there!

However, one needs sturdy support for huge tomes and ereaders. Why, you may ask? Because carrying thick manuals for hours isn’t easy. In order to manage mounting projects, we need portable book stands for peace of mind. We all love a peaceful mindset!

Stands are also ideal for home use. For example, I love baking cookies. Preparing chocolate chip cookies is my favorite, yet I can’t commit the recipe to memory. I need my cookbook for reference. What am I to do?

Get a holder to prop up my book for easy reference, of course!

Enter this list of 25 portable book holders! Whether you rely on physical books, or use your ereader for everything, these stands will suit your needs!

25 Portable Book Holders

Clear, acrylic stand with an open book. Stand sits on a wooden table. Link: https://akamai-scene7.ballarddesigns.com/is/image/ballarddesigns/T_WithoutZoom?$w400$&$src=ballarddesigns/AS304_main

An acrylic book stand that’s both shiny and sleek!

Black portable book stand with retractable legs. Link: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71%2BGHqwb48L._AC_SL1500_.jpg

Big, heavy textbooks make this ergonomic holder handy!

Portable book stand with blue backing. Link: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/H6bae4f23da4c4664a7f21e518aa34106O/Desktop-Vertical-Book-Stand-Multifunctional-Portable-Reading-Bookshelf-Retractable-One-handed-Books-for-Adult-Students-Children.jpg_q50.jpg

A stand perfect for sheet music and notes!

Triangular, portable book holder. A softcover book rests on top, and glasses sits inside holder. Holder, small plant, and candle sits on a table. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/22100519/r/il/0a7c3b/2244193499/il_794xN.2244193499_h5gj.jpg

Two wooden book holders sitting on a table. A small bouquet of flowers sits between them. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/23320757/r/il/f3055c/2393987529/il_794xN.2393987529_fwlx.jpg

Book stands for my Kindle to rest on!

Black book stand holding a cookbook. The stand sits on a white table. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/5412788/r/il/dfdf5c/2212059198/il_794xN.2212059198_qn4s.jpg

 Durable for cookbooks of all kinds!

Guest book holder with heart pattern design. A vase of lilacs sit next to it. Some pencils rest in front of the holder. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/15639766/r/il/327b68/1400361206/il_794xN.1400361206_61t3.jpg

 For weddings and special occasions. This stand has it all!

Portable wooden book stand. The Tree of Life is carved on the surface. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/11364212/r/il/5132f9/1582296620/il_1140xN.1582296620_2rvg.jpg

 This stunning rosewood stand will secure your stories!

Pink and white book pillow. An iPad rests for support. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/5660967/r/il/c1c0be/1921781214/il_1140xN.1921781214_6tiu.jpg

Finally, comfy support for ereaders! I need this for my Kindle!

Bear face portable book stand. 'A book stand' is written in all caps. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/21528433/r/il/af33ad/2295635680/il_794xN.2295635680_b0bc.jpg

   Children will adore this ‘beary’ cute stand!

Two wooden portable book stands with trangular shaped tops. The stand on the right holds five books. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/7540653/r/il/b0bb2e/2115837615/il_1140xN.2115837615_kmli.jpg

A bookish holder that doubles as a shelf. Perfection!

A book holder shaped like an owl sits on a desk. A blue book rests on the holder. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/9184374/r/il/71ad29/1496295552/il_1140xN.1496295552_tdja.jpg

 I need this owl book stand in my life! So adorable!

Purple book stand. fours unicorns and stars are shown on top. A pink stand is featured next to it, holding a book with 'Cereal' printed on it. Link: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/Hbf4d404ecd59466aba037be901f4b4e3p.jpg

Unicorn book stands should be in everyone’s collection! Equal parts sturdy and precious!

Cherry wood portable book stand for electronic devices. A sun design is carved onto the book holder. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/6103278/r/il/403e29/377534918/il_1140xN.377534918_lpyn.jpg

Ready for some sunshine? This cherry wood rack is both lovely and functional!

A blue, fold-out book stand. A bee is imprinted on the surface. Link: https://d384mi819045d8.cloudfront.net/i/q=85/regular/82740.jpg

A book rest for children of all ages!

Two portable book stands shaped like jacks. A book sits on one of them. A small plant is in the background. Link: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/26018860/resize-h800%5Ecompr-r85/9443/94435879/Library+Desktop+Book+Stand.jpg

If you want unique book stands, look no further!

Black portable book stand. Wooden, oblong shaped. A loop is attached to the handle for easy storage. Link: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/42447217/resize-h800-w800%5Ecompr-r85/3110/31102289/default_name.jpg

Looking for cookbook staging? No worries! This sturdy holder does the job!

White book holder with a metal vine with gold leaves along the bottom. A vine with leaves is at the top. Link: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/26019686/resize-h800-w800%5Ecompr-r85/7415/74152307/default_name.jpg

This retractable holder keep books in their place!

Brown portable book stand. A heart is imprinted at the top. Link: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/60020946/resize-h800-w800%5Ecompr-r85/8776/87764634/default_name.jpg

If you want a rustic theme for your table, this stand has what you need!

A metal, scalloped book holder. Two small chains hang from the top. Link: https://www.tripar.com/images/product/working/514817VYTG.jpg

I would totally place my ereader on this stand! Also sturdy for textbooks!

A thick slotted, wooden book stand. Link: https://images.ctfassets.net/f1fikihmjtrp/1HqnEdL9uAjxM6s0E9B12R/b422622061e5d3df40b1a97ccd350caf/50391-1005-1-4ww.jpg?q=80&w=500&fm=webp

Seeking basic with function? Here you go! A simple holder does the job!

Metal portable book stand sitting on a table. Grass is in the background. Link: https://i.etsystatic.com/9637922/r/il/a6dde2/671139574/il_794xN.671139574_qd0q.jpg

This stand is not only portable, but intricately designed!

White marble cookbook stand, in front of a white background. Link: https://assets.weimgs.com/weimgs/rk/images/wcm/products/202014/0473/img25o.jpg

A marble book dock? Always in my reach!

Purple triangular book pillow. An ereader sits on the holder. Link: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81MTh1uk%2BFL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

Why book pillows? Because they are comfy and functional. Everything book lovers


Wooden portable book stand. Oblong shaped. Teal edging. A tablet rests on the stand. Link: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/01253702/resize-h800-w800%5Ecompr-r85/1156/115681429/Puri+Holder+Accessory.jpg

A rustic stand that accommodates books and tablets alike!

While this list describes several bookish holders, there are other useful links to view in your search! Best Book Holders  highlights many useful objects to use for reading, big and small! Best Cookbook Stands show valuable pieces to support your culinary tomes!

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