4 Podcasts Hosted by Writers

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Christina Orlando

Staff Writer

Christina is a champion for diversity in the lit community, and is dedicated to supporting marginalized voices across the publishing industry. She lives in New York, sports seven literary tattoos, loves all media, and is a Slytherin forever. Follow her on Twitter @cxorlando

There are a lot of podcasts out there, and they are rapidly becoming a favorite way to consume information. For the literary-minded, there are tons of podcasts available (including several from the Book Riot team) covering everything from new releases to romance, audio-book clubs, reviewing the latest Game of Thrones episode, and strategies to get you writing that novel you keep meaning to write. Some of the best are podcasts hosted by writers.

Podcasts can be a great way to be connected to our favorite writers, and there are lots that feature interviews and readings. But sometimes we want to hear them in a different light. Sometimes we want to feel connected through mutual interests and deeper conversation. Here are four of the best podcasts hosted by writers:

VSVS the podcast, poetry foundation, poetry podcast, danez smith, fanny choi, podcasts is a podcast with poets Danez Smith and Fanny Choi, hosted by the Poetry Foundation. Danez and Fanny are hilarious and make a great auditory team. They speak with other writers to discuss the language & modern poetry landscape, and mix together pop culture, politics, and poems with ease.

Food4ThotFood4Thot podcast, Tommy Pico, podcasts, writers is hosted by four queer writers, including poet Tommy Pico and writer Fran Tirado, and is a wild ride of queer joy. The podcast covers everything from Beyoncé to gym locker rooms and safe spaces, Call Me By Your Name to ex boyfriends, texting, and twitter. It’s a one-stop-shop for LGBTQ+ culture, hosted by your four new best friends.

Eat Pray LoveMagic Lessons, podcast, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love, Big Magic, podcasts, writers author Elizabeth Gilbert hosts Magic Lessons, inspired by her book Big Magic. The podcast is part inspiration, part mentorship on the subject of creativity. She interviews lots of big names like Neil Gaiman, Michael Ian Black, and Ann Patchett about their creative processes, as well as helping listeners get past mental roadblocks.

The Anthropocene ReviewedAnthropocene Reviewed, John Green, podcast, podcasts is a new podcast with famed YA darling John Green, who possibly never sleeps. Fans of John Green will know he’s got his hands in a lot of different buckets and this podcast is right on brand—he discusses and “reviews” small pockets of anthropological curiosity. So far subjects include Diet Dr. Pepper, Canada geese, Halley’s Comet, & Cholera.

Listen and enjoy! Also, hit the comments to share your favorite podcasts hosted by writers! Want even more for your ears? Check out “15 Outstanding Podcasts for Book Lovers.”