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Pick Pink: A Panoply of Pink Bookish Provisions

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

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Pink is a maligned color. Maybe not as much as yellow or orange or brown — colors that seem to only get love once a year as the leaves change — but pink, for all of its wonderful shades and variations, suffers from its unnecessary gender connotations. Pink is a beautiful color, offering pastel hues to deep magentas, and it brings high energy vibrations. It sits between red, a rooting, powerful color, and purple, a color connected to one’s highest power and insight. Think of pink as your marriage of both your deepest knowing and sense of grounding and how can it not be anything but magical? It’s the bottom and top chakra, as well as the bottom and top of a rainbow.

Of course, one way to make pink even more magical is to pair it with all things bookish. From bookmarks to enamel pins, totes to stickers and more, there is a rad range of pink bookish goods out there to explore and add to your growing collection of book fetish.

Whatever your aesthetic, be it goblincore, witchcore, cottagecore, dark academia, light academia, or anything in between, there are some excellent pink bookish goods waiting for you. Let’s dive in to the world of all things pink (and toss aside all notions of gender, while we’re at it)!

Pink Bookish Goods To Brighten Your Life

Pink typewriter sticker. The paper inside the typewriter reads "Chapter One: There was only one bed at the inn..."

Not only is this a cute pink typewriter sticker, but for romance trope lovers, here’s your “only one bed” in action. $3

Big pink tote bag with white lettering.

Stuff a whole lot of books inside this pink tote bag to go meta on the definition of bookish. $17

Two pink resin bookmarks on top of an open book. They have long pink tassels.

Keep your page with one of these pink, glittery resin bookmarks with a lovely pink tassel. $9

Pink notebook with a hard cover. The design of the cover is a library due date card.

Keep tabs on your bookish life with this pink library due date card inspired notebook. $17

Image of a pink sticker in the shape of a book. On it is a skull and the words "dewey decimator."


White sweatshirt with the word "Bookish" repeated in various pink shades.

Rock this ombre pink font bookish sweatshirt. $35

Bright pink mug with the words "I've got those bookish vibes" in a retro black font. It's sitting on top of a black hardcover book.

This is one heck of a bold pink bookish vibe, for sure. Grab this mug for $13.

Jar full of paper stars with book quotes on them.

When I worked as a librarian, one of my teens used to make paper origami stars for me. I love this take on that — a jar full of pink paper stars, and each of the stars has a bookish quote. A lovely way to add some magic to your day. $25

A book sleeve made out of a pink fabric with colorful dogs on it.

Protect your precious cargo with this pink dog book sleeve. $14 and up.

Pink font reads "main character energy" on a sticker.

This pink sticker gives off main character energy, for sure. $3

Pink enamel pin sitting on an open book. It reads "read," in gold letters.

Little more needs to be said because this is the perfect enamel pin. $8

Pink print with the words "the book was better" in green font.

Print your own “The Book Was Better” print. Download this and pop it into a pink frame or hang it up with pink washi tape. $6

Image of a pink t-shirt reading "librarian" in colorful font. Beside the shirt are shorts, sandals, a coffee mug, and sunglasses.

The perfect T-shirt for the librarian in your life (if that’s you, here’s your perfect T-shirt). $11 and up.

Image of a birthday card. It's pink with a cat on it.

Know any literary snobs or just like to poke fun at a friend? This literary happy birthday card is an excellent greeting. Look at that slick, snobby cat! $6

Image of a canvas tote bag. It's got pink stripes and the words "The Book Club: It's Lit" in black font, along with an image of a finger pointing in an open book.

Do you need a pink book club tote bag? $22

Image of pink wax melts.

Use one of these pink wax melts while you’re reading and you’re in for a real sensory experience. These pink melts smell like strawberry scones and earl gray tea, so maybe add tea to the equation for an ideal night in. $7

Image of an enamel pin -- it has a pink book open like a hot air balloon.

Up, up, and away in my beautiful pink book balloon enamel pin. $11

Image of a sticker featuring a Black reader with an open book. Behind the reader are the words "after this chapter," also in pink.

So many different shades of pink at the table with this “after this chapter” sticker. $4

Image of a pink print with the words "money can't buy happiness but it can buy books (and that's kind of the same thing)" in gold.

Money can also buy you this fun downloadable print for your reading nook. $6

Image of a candle with a book stack and skull on top. It's bright pink.

I’m living for this skull and books candle in pink! $26 and you can choose among a few scents, too.

Image of a pair of rose gold book stack earrings.

These rose gold book stack earrings would look great on your ears, friend. No price listed, as at the time of writing the shop was on a short break.

Image of an enamel pin. It's a pink bookshop store front, with the words "I <3 Bookshops" in gold.

This cute little bookshop is not only pink, not only carries pink tomes, but it also has a sweet kitty inside. Enamel pin, $12.

A pink sticker on a pink background that reads "bookworm."

Finally, keep it simple with this pink bookworm sticker. $3

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