30+ Unique Pineapple Bookends To Dazzle Your Bookshelves

They’re quirky, fun, and downright perfect for summer—or anytime. It’s hard not to love a good pineapple, and with these awesome pineapple bookends, you can keep your books in season all year long.

30 Awesome Pineapple Bookends


Find below a collection of bookends ranging from vintage and antique to more modern and handmade. Note that some of the pineapple bookends below are vintage or antique, meaning that there may only be one available from a particular seller and it may be sold out. Poke around a bit more either on Etsy or at your favorite antique store and chances are, you’ll find the exact one pictured below available there, too.

Pineapple Bookends


Brass pineapple bookends


Brass pineapple bookends, $18.


Turquoise painted pineapple bookends


If you’d like pineapples for your bookends but want them to look like they’re not pineapples, then these turquoise bookends are for you. $28.


watermelon and pineapple bookends


What goes nice with pineapple? Watermelon. Get both of these fruit bookends for $70.


Another set of pineapple and watermelon bookends


Another option for a set of watermelon and pineapple bookends. $40.


Pineapple bookend


This one is a stand alone bookend, made out of acrylic. $20.


Glass Pineapple Bookends


Your books will be going nowhere when you use glass bookends. $35.




Your books will look good between these vintage brass bookends. $128.


Painted cast iron pineapple bookends


These guys are painted cast iron bookends. $85.


Brass pineapple bookends


Better than one pineapple on each of your bookends? Double pineapples. $40. Here’s another set of these bookends for $30.


Resin pineapple bookends

These resin bookends are bright and fun. $40.


Metal pineapple bookends


How great would these pineapple bookends look holding up your favorite cookbooks in your kitchen? The answer is Really Great. $64.


Pineapple bookends


Grab a pair of big, heavy dark green bookends. These would look great as shelf decor, even without books between them. $59.


Pineapple Bookends


Need a set of bookends but want them to be smaller? These pineapples will work. $48.


Pineapple bookends


For when you want your pineapple bookends to be a little more abstract. $86.


Pineapple bookends


Perfect for making you bookshelves more tropical are these sweet bookends. $40.


Concrete pineapple bookends


Grab a pair of pineapple cement bookends for $74.


Metal pineapple bookends


For your modern bookend style sensibilities. $64.



Take your pineapple bookend styling a little more boho with this set. $45.


folding pineapple bookends


A nice feature of these vintage bookends is that they fold. $40.


glam pineapple bookends


These are some glamorous bookends. $54.


White pineapple bookends


These white pineapple bookends are classy and modern. $20.


White Pineapple Bookends


Want more white pineapples to hold your books? Bam! $50.


Tropical Pineapple Bookend, Silver


It’s a little tough to tell from the image, but these are some slick silver bookends. If you click through the link, you can see their full glory. $88.


pineapple bookends


The perfect shiny bookends for your shelves. $50.


white pineapple bookends


While not technically a bookend and not sold in a set, if you pick up two of these white ceramic pineapples, you can make them into bookends. $35 each.


Pineapple Bookends


Go retro with these 1960s bookends. $20.


wooden pineapple bookends


Speaking of retro, a set of wooden pineapple bookends. $28.


Iron pineapple bookends


Metal and iron pineapple bookends. $78.


pineapple bookends


The perfect gold bookends. $80.



For something totally different, there are these gorgeous and beachy driftwood bookends. $54.


pineapple bookends


Handmade bookends with half a pineapple on each side. You can choose from a few color options, too. $40.


If you’re in the market for even more bookends, check out these 10 great bookends on Etsy, fifty fabulous bookends, awesome geode bookends, and a collection of vintage and antique animal bookends.  

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