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Phone Cases for Book Lovers: Literary Bling For Your Ring-Ring

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My first cell phone happened when I went away to a small rural college in Iowa. Back then, there were only a couple spots to even get service on campus. My phone was tiny, and there were no cute cases to keep it safe. Fast forward 15 years, and now my iPhone can be blinged up with just about anything, including an array of phone cases for book lovers.

Phone cases for book lovers can feature literary quotes, the images of famous authors or from favorite books, or they can simply be a gorgeous stack of books. Whatever brand of phone or operating system you have, there’s some kind of perfect phone case for you.

Find below an awesome array of phone cases for book lovers. I’ve noted what types of phones they’re made for to help you pick your perfect next case. Many are available for other makes of phone if you navigate to the store’s shopfront.

Up Your Literary Life With These Phone Cases for Book Lovers

If you use an iPhone or Samsung, add a retro flair with this library due date card case. $20.

It’s simple and effective, highlighting a love of the overflowing bookshelves. Samsung phones. $18 and up. There are also options for Motorola phones.

Readers who love plants will be unable to resist a reading plant. Samsung phones, $26.

Can’t you just see Billy Shakes getting a total kick out of a stack of his books on a cell phone case? For iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei phones. $14.

Keep your phone case simple with the one word that serves so many meanings: read. Samsung phones, $25.

Me too, Giraffe-y. Me too. For iPhone. $20.

Shelves full of books = swoon. iPhone and Samsung options, $22.

This phone case is pretty…and pretty to the point. $25, Samsung.

Showcase your love for Jane Austen with this gorgeous phone case. $35, iPhone.

If I were to choose one of these cases today, I’d pick up this reading rainbow phone case. $25, Samsung.

I really dig the bright colors on this phone case for book lovers. Samsung and iPhone, $22.

These iPhone covers utilize the vintage reading poster created in 1910 by Magnus Norstad. $25.

Enough said. $21 for iPhone.

Look at how smug this book-loving cat is! iPhone and Samsung, $34.

Maybe you purrfur your cats lounging on shelves. $12, iPhone.

Never fear, dog lovers. I found the perfect hipster pug reading phone case for you. $28 for iPhone.

Choose your favorite book quote for this iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei phone case. $14.

Say it loud and say it proud. iPhone options, $17 and up.

I’d like to visit this bookshop in particular. iPhone, $21.

Love old tomes? You’ll love this gorgeous phone case. $19, iPhone.

Get cozy with this perfect cool weather reading vibes case. $19 and up for Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel.

This sweet little fox reminds everyone to read more books. $25, Samsung.

This sweet lil monster just wants a quiet place to read. Samsung and iPhone, $31.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this many arms for reading? $31, Samsung and iPhone.

The perfect phone case for librarians who like to swear. $31, iPhone and Samsung.

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” A lovely quote with a gorgeous tree and book. $29, iPhone.

Last, but absolutely not least, how great is this retro typewriter phone case? There are a couple color options to choose from. iPhone and Samsung, $13.

While you’re thinking about your phone and reading, maybe add some free reading apps or some reading light apps. And if you don’t already, don’t miss how to listen to audiobooks on your phone.