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Bring The Outdoors In With Petrified Wood Bookends

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Need something to keep your books standing tall on your shelf? Look no further than a set of gorgeous and unique petrified wood bookends. If you drooled over crystal bookends, know that petrified wood bookends are simply the next step in your quest to bring the outdoors to your indoor space.

For those who might not know what exactly petrified wood is, the simple answer is that it’s a fossil. When plant material is protected from natural decay through any number of naturally occurring processes, a mineralization process keeps the material from decomposing. It hardens and becomes replaced by stone. The stones may vary, offering a wide range of colors and patterns when petrified.

Find below an array of awesome petrified wood bookends that will help keep your bookshelves neat and tidy. Of course, if you find yourself without room on your shelves for book ends, you might first need to get a shelf to store your bookends.

Because these are fossils and therefore not easy to replicate, many of these are one-of-a-kind, and some of them can be real investments. But talk about statement pieces!

Petrified Wood Bookends

You can choose from black, beige, or brown as your primary color for this set of bookends. $70.

These bookends feature petrified teak wood and would really stand out on a shelf. $80.

What makes petrified bookends so cool is that most of them are really heavy, sturdy, and solid. This set is pre-2000 and weighs nearly 12 pounds. Your book are not going anywhere. $125.

The tree branch look of these bookends really adds to the outdoor feel, doesn’t it? This set is $70.

This might be the most gorgeous look inside wood. It’s red, but there are so many gorgeous shades of red and orange in this set of bookends. $133.

This set of polished petrified bookends are from 20 million–year-old teak trees. Wow. $129.

Ohhhh. $110.

Dating somewhere between 180 and 200 million years old, this set of bookends feature the state fossil of Arizona. $139.

Like the sequoia it is, this set of bookends is big, sturdy, and impressive. This is the set I’d snap up. $225.

I might be wrong. This set of cypress bookends might be the ones I need. The colors and patterns here are unbelievable. $175.

This is another set of cypress bookends, but like fossils tend to be, this set of petrified wood bookends is so different from the ones above. The holes and shapes in this set are awesome. $250.

Bog wood bookends that feature a stunning array of reds, oranges, and yellows. $360.

The marbling on this set of petrified bookends is really lovely. $200.

Cute lil set of bookends! $45.

Cypress again, featuring some really cool swirling patterns. The shape of these bookends is great, too. $288.

Looking for tall? Besides being gorgeous, these petrified bookends are nearly a foot tall. $400.

Opalized bookends would look incredible on any bookshelf. $65.

Last, but not least, we can all agree that these bookends are absolutely swoon worthy. $95 and up.

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