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Have Some Peter Rabbit Decor to Celebrate Beatrix Potter’s Birthday

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On this day 154 years ago, the world gave us Beatrix Potter, who in turn gave the world The Tales of Peter Rabbit in 1901.

Beatrix’s inspiration for Peter, Cotton-tail, Flopsy, and Mopsy came from the picture letters she wrote to the children of one of her governesses, Annie Moore. Annie was not much older than Beatrix, and they became lifelong friends. It was Annie who suggested that she turn those letters into children’s books. Peter himself was modeled after her own pet rabbit, Peter Piper, and Benjamin Button, Peter’s cousin, was modeled after her pet rabbit Benjamin Bouncer (he was particularly fond of buttered toast). As soon as the world knew how wonderful The Tales of Peter Rabbit was, she had the business savvy to get on top of the merchandising for her series, even designing and creating the first Peter Rabbit stuffed animal herself.

Beatrix was also a giant geek about natural science, particularly mycology. Her love of painting and observing fungi deepened as she learned taxonomy and botany, and she even wrote a paper concerning the germination of fungi spores, but unfortunately, she was never able to present the work herself; the Linnean Society of London for naturalists did not allow women to present their own work at society meetings. Although a friend presented it for her, nothing came of the research. Today, her fungi illustrations are still used to help identify mushrooms.

In celebration of Beatrix’s birthday and the sweet little rabbits she wrote about and illustrated, here is a collection of lovely Peter Rabbit things for your young ones, your nursery, or if you’re just young at heart.

For Your Walls

Art Prints: Decorate your child’s room or nursery with these soft, dreamy art prints featuring Peter, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs. Josephine, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and more.

Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top Farm: Hang this watercolor print of Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top Farm on your wall, and see if you can find the wee Peter Rabbit hidden in the garden. Beatrix bought Hill Top in 1906, and it is now a writer’s house museum open to the public.

Peter Rabbit Print: Enjoy this print of the main rabbit himself, offering some encouragement to whoever’s room he finds himself in.

For Your Kitchen

Teacup and Saucer: Have a cup of tea with Mrs. Josephine Rabbit and her children Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. Want the whole collection? You can find mugs, a sugar and creamer set, and a teapot all adorned with Peter and his family.

Garden Table Throw: Cover your table with this whimsical Peter Rabbit table throw so it will feel like spring all year round.

Peter Rabbit Tea Towel: Hang a pair of these adorable tea towels in your kitchen, just in case you need to mop up a spill from a pair of rabbits high tailing it out of McGregor’s farm.

For Decoration

Beatrix Potter buttons: If you’re handy with sewing and want to add a spoonful of sugar to your or your little one’s outfit, use these Peter Rabbit buttons in place of the boring, ordinary ones.

Peter Rabbit Coasters: Set down your cup of tea one of these Warhol-esque Peter coasters. I am honestly in love with these.The Tailor of Gloucester Pillow: Decorate your couch or room with this woven Belgian tapestry throw pillow of one of the mice who helped the tailor complete his Christmas commission in time. Bonus: This seller also has eight other throw pillows of Beatrix Potter characters!



For Wearing

Infinity Scarf: This scarf, decorated with Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter’s prose, is perfect for cooler days and adds a charming touch to any outfit.

Locket Necklace: This antique-y brass Peter Rabbit locket necklace could be that final perfect touch to whatever boho/vintage inspired look you’re rocking.

Peter Rabbit Earrings: If you want to splurge, and we mean really splurge, these silver earrings and any of the other necklaces and earrings in this Peter Rabbit line are here to satisfy your desire for higher-end fairytale bunny jewelry.