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Holiday Gift Level Up: 15 Personalized Christmas Books for Adults

Everywhere you look, there are flippin’ sweet books you can personalize for your child, your godchild, your friend’s children—basically any and all small humans. There’s nothing wrong with this. I would have lost my mind as a kid if I’d been gifted with a story that featured me as the main character or given me a book with my name on the cover. It’s a cool opportunity to give a child a priceless gift that they’ll treasure for their whole lives. But like…adults want in on that, too. Where are the personalized Christmas books for adults?!

We didn’t stop loving to see our names in print or read about our own adventures. And maybe you’ve wanted to give a personalized book as a gift to your sibling or parent or friend, but it’s hard to find anything out there that isn’t a picture book better suited for a child.

We can help with that.

Here’s a roundup of some personalized Christmas books for adults you can customize for a loved one’s holiday gift.

For Anyone

Personalized Birthday Gift Book

The Book of Everyone

This unique gift celebrates the year the recipient was born, and the book pairs charming illustrations with quirky facts about the receiver’s birth year. Handmade by TheBookofEveryone and available in soft cover, hardcover, and a deluxe cushion cover, this book is suitable for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion!

Personalized Cookbook

Personalized Cookbook

This gorgeous leather-bound recipe book, handcrafted by LeatherFamilyUA, can be personalized to the cook in your life, with their name and one of eight possible design motifs for the cover.

Custom Coloring Book Pages

Custom Coloring Pages

Artist VelvetKatArt will take your favorite group photos, selfies, pet pictures and more, and turn them into a digital art coloring pages for a totally unique and personalized gift.

Custom Coloring Book

ColoredMoment also takes your photos and turns them into fun coloring book pages that would make for a memorable gift. Who wouldn’t love to frame one of these beauties?

For Couples

Personalized Comic Book

Customized Comic Love Story

Our lives play out like movies in our heads most of the time, so why not hold a tangible piece of that in your hand? Your romance could be crafted into a hand-drawn comic by MakeMeAComic, using photographs of the “characters” in the story you want to tell, and enough details to help them draft up a story that you collaborate on with them until you have a perfectly unique piece of literature for you and your SO to treasure.Personalized Bucket List Book

Personalized Bucket List

This personalized bucket list journal by CustomJournalDesigns is a perfect gift for a new couple to help hold them accountable to their dreams and start checking off the items on their bucket list.

Personalized Travel Journal for Couples

Custom Travel Journal for Couples

Record your travels together in this personalized travel journal by Random Acts of Poetry. Go off on your adventures and bring this little guy along with you to capture every detail you don’t want to forget.

For the Family

Personalized Family Christmas Book

Personalized Family Christmas Book

Put your entire family in this sweetly illustrated holiday narrative based on The Twelve Days of Christmas. Creators IseeMeBooksUs inserts your family’s names into the artwork and text throughout the story, and gives you the option to add a photo and a personalized dedication.

Personalized Family Recipe Book

Personalized Family Recipe Book

Collect all of the family recipes into this leather-bound recipe book by Manchot Artisanat, which gives you six cover design options and an opportunity to personalize the cover to dedicate it to your family.

Stamped Book Set with Family Names

Stamped Book Set with Family Names

These may not be books you read, but these lovely little stacks by Duryea Place Designs can be personalized with each family member’s name on a book spine, stacking up your family in one big pile o’ love.

Personalized Christmas Books For Moms

Personalized Super Bestest Mommy Book

Super Bestest Mommy

This adorable picture book from ISeeMeBooksUS allows you to customize the story by selecting activities that align best with Mom’s interests and hobbies, told from the perspective of her child. It also gives you the option to include a dedication, and up to two children can be added to the narrative.

Personalized Reasons Why I Love You Mom Book

Reasons Why I Love You Notebook

Dedicate the cover to your mom from you personally, and then fill out this Define Design 11 notebook with all of the ways you love her, so she has one centralized location for every love note you write that will remind her of just how treasured she is.

Personalized Books For Dads

Personalized Dad Picture Book

My Dad

Create a sweet story between young kids and their dad with this personalized dad-centric picture book by From Lucy Gifts. You can include dad’s hobbies, facts about the year he was born, and what life is like now that his littles were born.

Personalized Daddy Picture Book

Dear Daddy

From the same creators as My Dad, this picture book shows Dad teaching his children lessons about life, and illustrates the lessons that kids can teach Dad, too.

Personalized Books For Your Pet

Personalized Book About Pet

Petventures Starring Your Pet

This adorable adventure picture book about your pet cruising around town is technically meant for children, but when did that ever stop pet owners? These incredible homages to your pet are handmade by Personalize My Pup, and can be created with more than one pet. You know you want your furbaby to star in their own book. It’s the right thing to do.

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