Quiz: What Paranormal Romance Should You Read Next?

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R. Nassor

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R. Nassor may spend more time with books, tea, and ceramic mugs than recommended by professionals but it hasn’t failed her so far. Nassor has a MA in English Literature from Georgetown University, where she looked at the way medieval and early modern literature reappear in fantasy books today. She’s been writing about romance, fantasy, science fiction, and pop culture for quite a while, starting at Book Riot in 2020. She’s also written for Tor.com. You can follow her on Tiktok and contact her through her website.

Falling in love with a vampire, werewolf, witch, or other paranormal creature is a time-honored tradition of paranormal romance. What if you fell in love with an urban legend? Would you cower in fear, or would you get even closer? If you are in the latter group, this is the quiz for you.

The literary tradition of falling for an otherworldly person is everywhere. The animal bride and groom tradition shows a longstanding pattern of mystical or magical creatures who end up with human partners. Animal shifter romances are also entrenched in the western literary canon with poems like Marie De France’s Yonec (where a lady falls for a Hawk-Knight) and Bisclavret (where a lady falls out of love when she realizes her Knight husband is a werewolf and the king takes him on as his werewolf-Knight). Something is incredibly appealing about an otherworldly person who chooses to trust you with their secret, power, or secret powers. I, for one, cannot see it stopping any time soon. If it does, I will have to read the backlist of my favorite sub-genre as I patiently wait for paranormal romance to become popular again.

I’ve selected a mix of backlist and frontlist paranormal romance books that cover a range of love interests from vampires, to werewolves, to witches and so much more. I am a fan of all of the paranormal romance books that are getting published once more. All I have to say is, bring it on. The paranormal romance novel you should read next awaits after a short quiz that targets your preferred vibe.

Paranormal Romance Results

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Book Cover

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Elena is doing just fine in Toronto as a human-passing journalist before Clay shows back up and asks her to return to the New York state pack. She is the only female werewolf, their best tracker, and his only love. Most of all, they need her help. Even if she can never forgive Clay, she wouldn’t leave the pack to fend for themselves. Ultimately, they will have to learn to get along if they want to protect each other.

From the Dark We Came by J Emory Book Cover

From the Dark We Came by J. Emery

When a vampire attacks you in the middle of the night, he normally doesn’t follow it up with a job offer. Belar is a music teacher by day, a monster hunter by night, and so, he is sure Cassian has come to finish him off. The vampire needs a hunter who will find out who is framing him and put a stop to their misdeeds. Bite into this one if you’re looking for a queer vampire-vampire hunter romance that packs a punch.

Human Enough by E.S. Yu Book Cover

Human Enough by E.S. Yu

Noah knew getting captured by a vampire while working for the Vampire Hunters Association was a risk, but he never expected to find someone like Jordan while he was restrained. He cannot bring himself to kill someone as sweet as Jordan, so he takes him home with him when he escapes. But when he returns from work he notices something is wrong. Hiding his boyfriend from his coworkers becomes increasingly difficult as they attempt to shut down Noah’s investigation into their crimes against the innocent vampires of the city.

Wolfsong by TJ Klune Book Cover

Wolfsong by TJ Klune

This is a friends-to-lovers queer werewolf romance that will melt your heart completely. Ox grows up with a mother who will do anything for him, but when Joe and his family move next door he knows he has found his person. Ox and Joe have to face generations of decisions that will forever change their pack together if they want to move forward at all.

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh Book Cover

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

In the Psy-Changeling world, Silver is a Psy who still follows the Silence and keeps emotions out of her daily life as a director of the emergency response network. As a bear Changeling alpha, Valentin’s wildness opposes everything Silver believes she wants out of life. But when her life is threatened, she must live with the bear clan and learn how to love the chaos.

Black Witch Magic By Mila Nicks Book Cover

Black Witch Magic by Mila Nicks

Everyone knows librarians are magic. Selene just happens to be a witch. In her small New England town, everyone believes she is descended from an evil witch and one paranormal investigator is going to get to the bottom of it. Aiden is grumpy and persistent, but even as he begins to investigate her grandmother, he cannot help falling for the witch right in front of him.

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper Book Cover

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

A sapphic witch romance that makes you question your future, past, and present. Emmy does not do magic, not since she left Thistle Grove and her difficult breakup behind. But, for one month, she will return to monitor a spellcasting tournament to uphold her family tradition. Emmy did not expect Talia to walk into her life and scheme to take down their ex-boyfriend and his family in the tournament. Who says you can’t fall in love and do crime simultaneously?

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon Book Cover

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Looking for a sapphic vampire romance novel? Ginger and Camila are the characters for you. Straight-A student, Ginger never thought she would join a sorority in college, but that was before she met an intriguing sisterhood bound by blood. The sisterhood is one thing, but dealing with a forbidden love on top of it all is another matter entirely.

Not the Witch you Wed by April Asher Book Cover

Not the Witch you Wed by April Asher

A classic case of “an archaic supernatural law dictates I need a mate by an oncoming deadline, so we have to start a fake relationship.” Violet is known as the magic-less eldest sister of the Magical Triad so she never thought the council would force her to follow the rules. Now she has to fake-date her ex-best friend, the current werewolf alpha, if she wants to buy herself some time to figure it all out.

The End of The Paranormal Romance Book Quiz

You finally have your next paranormal romance book. The sub-genre is so vast that I could not possibly include all of my favorites, but I hope this handful will hold you over for now. If you had a fun time with this quiz and want another book recommendation via quiz you should give these a try: