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New November 2021 YA Releases to TBR

Here are some of the most exciting young adult books out this month, from contemporary stories to SFF to a graphic memoir.

3 New YA Vampire Books

Vampires are back. Here are 3 new YA books that tackle the vampire figure in unique ways.

Quiz: A Pirate’s Book For Me! Which YA Pirate Book Should Ye Read Next?

Avast ye! ARR you ready to submerge yourself into a swashbuckling YA pirate book? Walk the plank and take this quiz to see what awaits you!

New Dark Witchy YA Books

So many new books about witches are hitting shelves — everything from nature witches to fantasy witches to dark horror witches!

4 New YA Books by Indigenous Authors

Pick up these four 2021 YA releases written by Indigenous authors!

Queer YA Horror for Your Spooky Season TBR

It's officially that time of year: spooky season! Add some thrills and chills to your TBR with these queer YA horror reads.

10 October New YA Releases to TBR

Add these ten new YA releases to your October TBR!

YA Books About Fat Girls Kicking Butt

Kick butt with these three YA books starring fat protagonists facing supernatural threats.

Rock Out With These YA Books About Bands

The music, the camaraderie, the creativity, the drama! Get ready to rock out with these YA novels about bands.

5 YA Books With Great Grandparents

These YA books with great grandparents prove that we have a lot to learn from our elders.