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15 of the Best Mystery Books of All Time

Genre-defining (and defying), the best mystery books of all time will keep you on the edge of your seat through every page, including Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins #1) by Walter Mosley.

20 Love Books for Teens to Read this Valentine’s Day

A list of love books for teens, with 20 titles ranging from ya romance classics to fantasy romance to high school contemporary love stories, like One True Loves by Elise Bryant.

Reading Pathways: Kate Zambreno

Kate Zambreno explores feminism, modernity, and the writing lifestyle and got her start publishing through smaller presses.

Why Does TikTok Love Weird Erotica?

If you're on BookTok, you've probably encountered weird erotica like Kissing the Coronavirus or Taken By the T-Rex on your FYP. But why?

The 20 Most Influential Romance Novels of the Last 100 Years

Here are 20 of the most influential romance novels from the last 100 years, from Regency romances to ground breaking firsts within the genre.

A Guide to Hypertext Literature

The rise, fall, and ever-morphing nature of hypertext literature.

Reading Pathways: Jackie Lau

Three suggestions for Jackie Lau books to start with for new readers of her hilarious, sexy romance novels, including Donut Fall in Love.

How I Approach Reading (And Writing) In English

There is a difference in how I approach reading and writing in English as a non-native speaker.

Sleeping With the Lights On: A Stephen Graham Jones Reading Pathway

Start with these three books by Stephen Graham Jones, the prolific Indigenous author of The Only Good Indians, to get into his terrifying and gory world.

10 Authors With Tremendous Range

These award-winning authors write across genres and age categories and have made a name for themselves in multiple areas of publishing.