Our Favorite Comments: January 28-February 5, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they say just as much. Here are a few gems from last week.

“You know, I think authors deserve a pass from time to time, especially if they’re your favorites. I mean do you automatically abandon a relationship for one minor bump in the road? If you do you’re badly damaged and I can understand, but bad books don’t equal ended relationships for me.”

By Rob Kristofferson on Friday Forum: When Good Authors Go Bad?


“For a while, I had a dream job as an assistant to radio show host Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Part of my job was setting up interviews. One day the assignment was to schedule an interview with the legendary Judith Jones. So I dialed the number I had. Someone answered, and I said, “May I speak to Judith Jones, please?” Fully expecting she wouldn’t be available, and I’d schedule the interview with her assistant. But the voice on the other end said, “This is Judith Jones.” And the words that came out of my mouth for a full minute were “Erm, huh, ah, hmm. Blerg. What–gah. Urhg.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t impress her.”

By Amy on How to Be Embarrassed: Brief Encounters with Jonathan Franzen.


“The main thing I hate is having non-book readers laugh or joke at my expense. There’s a bar on the corner of my street that I really love to visit with a good book. But I can’t tell you how often I either get “Whatcha readin?” comments (which are pointless to answer) or jokes about me reading at a bar. This is usually followed by “I don’t like to read much” or “Have you ever read this obscure/terrible author? No? Let me talk to you about it for half an hour while you’re trying to read!”

By Amanda McCoy on What I Hate About Being a Reader