Critical Linking

Oregon Coast Bookstore Gives Away Thousands of Books: Critical Linking, May 8, 2020

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Flatiron Books, publisher of The Paris Hours by Alex George.

“At first, they received 10 or 15 requests a day, a few hundred in total during the first two week of the offer. Then three weeks ago, OregonLive wrote a story about Gold Beach Books’ offer. Watkins Peterson was asked in the story when they might end such an offer.

When it brings us to our knees, she said.

Seven hours after the story posted on OregonLive, it brought the sisters to their knees. Before the end of the day, they had to halt the offer following a deluge of book requests.”

Looks like I’ll be paying a visit to Gold Beach Books when all this is over!

“The series is comprised of 12 short-and-sweet episodes that are easy to consume over just a few evenings. So if you’ve already gone ahead and finished the series — but are still thirsty for more of these horny Irish teens — why don’t you take a page out of Marianne and Connell’s book? By reading a few of their beloved literary masterpieces.”

The one time I don’t immediately hate the phrase “Read like Normal People.”

“We asked the BuzzFeed Community which movie and TV show adaptations were better than the book they were based on, and boy, did they deliver. Here’s what they said.”

I might agree with a few of these, but Cloud Atlas?! C’mon.